Brooke Duff - Till The End


Brooke Duff is a New Zealand born recording artist and songwriter.
She was born in Christchurch, but moved to Australia due to her career. There she was recognized while singing at Melbourne’s Beaumaris Theatre with a school production.
At the same time, she was selected as one of 50 youth singers from around Australia to form the Australian Youth Choir in 2003. Her biggest performance to date was the "Band Together" concert to help fundraising for Christchurch after the earthquake. She was brought to the attention of Illegal Musik via mutual friends in late 2009.
Around early 2010, she started working with Illegal Musik building her music catalogue and industry experience. She has been fortunate to feature and collaborate on tracks with the Illegal Banditz and K.One.
Her debut single entitled “Till The End” was released in July 2012. The song, written by Brooke herself, debuted at number nine on the New Zealand Singles Chart.
Asked about the story behind her song “Till The End”, she responds: “’Till The End’ is about the journey of moving up to Auckland to follow my dreams, and having that special person who stuck by me not matter what - and even followed me up so I can do what I love.”

source: data archive