Emma Watson shows off her vocal skills in new 'Beauty and The Beast' ad

Mon-09-Jan-17 16:16

Disney's newest trailer for the much anticipated 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer has everyone talking about Emma Watson's singing skills.
Fans were treated to a new clip of Emma singing "Belle (Reprise)", as she stands in a somewhat 'Sound of Music'-esque green hill.
And people couldn't help but comment on the actress's vocals - with many people praising her talents, but a few suggesting she may be a bit autotuned.
"Wow she can really sing!" said one comment on YouTube.
"Was she auto-tuned? Part of the song sounds... digital (for lack of a better word). It might just be the editing for the commercial. It just sounds a bit off at times to me," said another commenter.
The latest preview comes one week after Disney released a clip of Emma singing "Something There."

Here's your exclusive first listen of @EmmaWatson​ singing 'Something There' from Beauty and the Beast. #BeOurGuest

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