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The Bachelor NZ- Coming in March

If you missed it where have you been? It's all anyone could talk about for the last 2 days. Take a sneak peek of The Bachelor NZ 2016 right now!

Posted by The Bachelor New Zealand on Monday, 15 February 2016


If you watched season one of The Bachelor New Zealand and wished it was you walking hand in hand into the sunset with your new man, now is your chance!
As you saw with Art Green, The Bachelor will be a man genuinely looking for love.
The Bachelor New Zealand Season 2 - airs Monday & Tuesday 7.30pm on TV3.

The Bachelor New Zealand journey will see Bachelorettes put their heart on the line in hoping to find their perfect man – The one!

Episodes include group dates, one-on-one dates, lots of drama, romance and sizzling chemistry...and of course the rose ceremony.

During the rose ceremony, the Bachelor presents a single red rose to each of the Bachelorettes that he would like to get to know a little better. Any woman left without a rose must pack her bags and leave the Bachelorette mansion.

In the final weeks, the Bachelor will travel to the home towns of his remaining Bachelorettes to be introduced to their family and friends. In turn, towards the end of the Bachelor’s journey, the last ladies with whom the Bachelor sees a future get to meet his loved ones.

As the series reaches its climax, the Bachelor will invite a few special Bachelorettes on a romantic getaway. From there, the final two ladies will join him on an exciting adventure where he will ultimately decide which Bachelorette has won his heart and a place in his life.

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