The Bachelor NZ - Art And Matilda Still Together, Sharing Holiday Snaps From Cook Islands

20:28 09 June, 2015

The Bachelor NZ couple Art Green and Matilda Rice are sharing photos online as they enjoy a romantic getaway in the Cook Islands.
The pair have escaped wintery New Zealand for the tropical paradise of Rarotonga, showing off how happy they are together online.
In one snap, Green and Rice are mid-air, seemingly hovering above the ocean as they give each other a high-five.
In another, shared both on Rice's Instagram account and the Koka Lagoon Cruises Facebook page, Green and Rice pose with snorkelling instructors.
The cute photos are being published as news breaks that the first kiss of The Bachelor NZ was cut out as it breached nudity rules.
"They couldn't show it on screen because we'd been drinking and there's also a law that you can't be seen in underwear on the show. If they were Speedos it would've been fine," Green told Remix Magazine.
"Just as she kissed me we got pummelled by a massive wave, which was hilarious too, so they were pretty pissed they couldn't show that on television!"

(Source: Instagram)
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