Hoax Call Warning 
MORE FM is warning the public to be aware of scam callers in the Wellington area following information that people have received a bogus call about winning tickets to see One Direction on MORE FM.
We have been informed that someone claiming to be from MORE FM has called people at home, stating that they had won a prize and they need to give their details to claim their winnings.
How do I know if I receive a hoax call?
MORE FM wish to stress that this is not a MORE FM staff member and that if you have no entered a competition with MORE FM or if someone calls claiming they’re from MORE FM and can not verify your entry details they you entered for the competition, then they are not from MORE FM and it’s a hoax.
What should I do if I think I have received a hoax call?
Do not give personal information details out to the caller. Please contact MORE FM at feedback@morefm.co.nz if you have any concerns. Please tell us as much information about the call as possible such as the name they gave and what information they wanted.