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  Hey [FirstName],

We've been calling out names for Live Rent Free! Is your name on our list? Enter here and tune in at 7.50am for your name.
Our new web guy Speedy is single, 22, and is looking for a date! Could you be the one? Check out his photos here.
Lana is training to become a star - or at least sing the National Anthem well next Wednesday night! Find out where Jase made her practice this week.
Also, Producer Ryan didn't hold back his feelings about Lana & Jase when he got hypnotised. Watch what he said to Lana about Jase's ideas here.
And do you know the average Kiwi ​office ​worker only does 3,000 out of the ​recommended ​​10,000​ steps a day? We may have the perfect motivation for you -find out how you can win here.
Have a great week,
Si & Gary



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