Three Dads Experience Pregnancy for a Month as a Tribute to Their Mums

Wed-25-Feb-15 11:11

If you're tired of hearing men trying to empathise about the experience of pregnancy, three men from England are honestly attempting to understand it for themselves.
The project, called Three Pregnant Dads, will be following three men in their mid 40s for a month as they wear 15kg baby bumps, emulating the weight of a ninth month of pregnancy.
"How could the 3 men (all in their mid 40’s) honour their mums ... in a way that will be tough, and meaningful?" says their blog on
"What if we became pregnant? Or as near as possible. A thought became an idea which turned into an dare, and now there’s no going back."
So far their fake bellies have been the cause of ridicule, and the weight of their bumps has caused them to constantly run to the bathroom and struggle to comfortably sleep at night.
Watch their first experience below and see their daily documentation on their website here.

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