Your birth order can affect the way you manage your money

14:05 17 November, 2015

Are you a good saver? Or a real splurger? You could have your birth order to blame for these traits.
Science have once again looked into the way your birth order can affect your height, weight and your personality. And it seems it can also affect how you work your wallet.
Research from the Journal of Financial Therapy has suggested that your birth order can affect your financial decision making. Older siblings, who are typically mature and confident, are generally better savers. Middle children who suffer from "middle child syndrome" are a bit more flexible and balanced with money, but will sometimes be generous to lend money to please people. 
And for younger siblings - their outgoing nature means that more money is going out of their wallets for instant gratification.
But if you happen to be an only child - you tend to take all the financial characteristic traits as above, but will more likely spend on yourself than on others.
Of course, all these facts must be taken with a grain of salt - but it could help you figure out who in your family you can borrow money from!

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