Shopping with your partner is a ‘death trap’ says new study

14:04 20 February, 2017

For many people, shopping with their partner sounds like their worst nightmare - a new study in Science of US backs up that dread with claims that shopping in department stores together is a ‘death trap’ for couples.
The study monitored couples experiences in US store IKEA and looked at the factors leading to couple crises.
One of the biggest causes of fighting was the huge amount of choice on offer. The researchers say that having too much choice makes the experience "ripe for conflict".
The problem is having to balance your needs and desires with your partner - creating, what she calls, a "perfect storm".
In other words, between the crowds and the decision-fatigue, there's just too much going on! And not to mention once you start arguing, it's hard to stop.
"Disagreement puts people in a negative mood state, and when you're in a negative mood state, you actually remember more negative things"
So even if you and your partner are disagreeing over something as small as which type of plate to buy, this tends to open the floodgates to a raft of other negative thoughts experienced with the other person.
 "And you're compromising every single step of the way, because most of us don't do things exactly the way our partners do them." The researcher added.
We then enter what we call ‘blame mode’ says the research, which often results in us bringing up negative thoughts that have nothing to with the circumstances.
The research did have some suggestions on how to improve the shopping experience for all. They suggest going in with a game plan, make a list and don’t deviate from the plan!

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