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Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: I'm 46, married for 21 years to Jodi, she is half Chinese and simply the love of my life. To quote Jack Nicholson, "she makes me want to be a better man". I have four daughters, Sam (20) studying at Otago Uni, Sophie (18) studying at Canty Uni, Isabella (15) and Lily (13) ... I love them with all my heart and soul and frequently embarrass them because that's my job!
Q: What do you love about Gary?
A: I love Gary (in a manly way) because he is so comfortable in his skin (and there's plenty of it, mostly saggy). He hates bureaucracy, loves a good scrap, and tells it like it is!
Q: What’s the most annoying thing/habit about Gary?
A: Gary annoys mebecause he is quite brilliant intellectually! He is an avid reader, and for some bizarre reason women love him. True, what's that about? Quite simply he is NZ's David Hasselhoff.
Q: What’s your career highlight or favourite media moment?
A: I loved my time hosting 'What Now?' with Cath McPherson. It was just easy going, off the cuff and good times. Oh and working with Gaz ( I know it is an afterthought but I don't want to hurt your feelings if you're reading this.)
Q: How do you cope with the early morning start?
A: I hate the alarm with a passion almost as much as brussel sprouts! I wake at 4.30am and every morning without fail think, what else can I do with my life? Then I realise I am hopeless at everything else so I get up!
Q: What's your embarrassing moment?
A: Trying to save money, I chopped a tree down. My wife told me to, quote, "get a man in"... I politely pointed out I was in fact a man. So I chopped the tree down except I used an axe, cut through a water main, and turned all the water off in our street. An emergency plumber cost me $400.00. Next time I will get a man in.
Q: Thoughts on being a Dad?
A: It is simply the most rewarding, heart-warming, soul touching, thankless, brutal, gut-wrenching, frustrating, privilege known to mankind! As Harold Potts, the world's first investment billionaire said when asked what his greatest investment was, he replied to "invest in family".
Q: Thoughts on being a husband?
A: I can't believe how blessed I am to wake up to my wife every morning. I know that will make some people want to throw up, but it is true. I love her as we say "to the moon and back". She is my absolute rock, my most faithful friend and confidante. I am the happiest man around to be her husband.
Q: Are you much chop as a DIY’er?
A: I love DIY, it's just I am simply hopeless at it. My nickname at home is Tim The Toolman, Gary is known as Gary the Toolman.....just for different reasons.
Q: What's your favourite food?
A: Chinese, Thai and Indian. Lemon meringue pie, warm pies, wasabi peas, green onion chips and jelly snakes.
Q: Would you describe yourself as domesticated?
A: Believe it or not I actually love grocery shopping and vacuuming! I think I have a touch of OCD, but I am comfortable at the level it operates.
Q: Your take on personal grooming?
A: I shave my legs, and keep everything where it should be and in just the right amount.
Q: If you and Gary were to take an international holiday together, where would you go?
A: I would go to the Island that they filmed 'Mama Mia'. It looked impossibly beautiful. One day I have told my wife and children, we will go there, to that little stone church up that winding stone stairway and I will propose again to Jodi. Gary hates holidays and travel so he won't be coming!


Q: What do you love about Simon?
A: Simon is a thoroughly good human being. He has been known to give large sums of his own money to give people a hand up. (He will not appreciate me telling people this…but bite me, Simon). He is very much into sports and 'boy stuff', while at the same time maintaining a healthy interest in his haircut and fashion. He is deeply interested in human development and the well-being of families. In short, he is a living, breathing Self Help book.
Q: What’s the most annoying thing/habit about Simon?
A: He is a thoroughly good human being. The rest of us can only take so much of that. He is a perfectionist with a phobia about germs who lifts public toilet seats with his foot – if you get my drift. Another gene or two to the left and he’d be a serial killer!
Q: What’s your career highlight or favourite media moment?
A: (Gary aka “Lord Ted”) had the pleasure of touring New Zealand’s outlying areas in the 80’s and 90’s, filming the HEARTLAND series. I also organised and participated in a series of comedy debates in Town Halls, starring politicians and humourists. They were all full houses and a huge amount of fun. The net result of all these things is that I got to know a lot of the movers and shakers (and shapers) in New Zealand, so that it is easy to talk to them all now.
Q: How do you cope with the early morning start?
A: It's easy. The first few months (nine-odd years ago!) were tough. Now I love it. I like to watch the sun come up outside the studio window and know that we are helping people get off to a cheerful start in the day.
Q: The most embarrassing thing you've done?
A: There are many. For some reason I recall standing with Blues singer Hammond Gamble, talking to a publican where we were doing a show in the eighties . . .and saying how focussed and one-eyed he was about his business – meaning it as a compliment. Then I realised he had one glass eye.
Q: Your thoughts on being a dad?
A: It's hard work at 62, when you have identical twin girls aged 32 months and a younger one at 22 months. I don’t have to go to the gym. I get a workout at home.
Q: And how about your thoughts on being a husband?
A: No woman could wish for more! I cook, I think about cleaning and I am a cyclone in bed. My dress sense is not great (as Simon will testify.) But my attitude is that if you’ve got personality to burn, who needs to wear shoes endorsed by a Skateboarder?
Q: Are you much chop as a DIY'er?
A: No. The children won’t let me touch their broken toys. They call Mummy.
Q: What's your favourite meal?
A: Entrée of ham and pineapple on little sticks. Main of Roast Lamb when the bottom’s fallen out of the lamb market; Dessert: Cold lamb ice-cream.
Q: Would people describe you as domesticated?
A: As domesticated as a bull in a China shop i.e. I lack the necessary sense of proportion. And have been known to rotary mow the carpet.
Q: What's your take on personal grooming?
A: What’s personal grooming?!
Q: If you and Si were to take an international holiday together, where would you go?
A: The Wailing Wall. Then I couldn’t hear Simon.
Producer Bondy below ...
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