Liam McLeod: Hockey

This is the blog for the best week of my year…..  Premier Hockey Boys Under 15 National Tournament in Whangarei Oct 1-6.

1st game:  Otago 0 – 4 BOP

I was happy that we won our first game and I also got a clean sheet.

2nd game: Northland 0 – 5 BOP

We were thinking that this was our chance to qualify for top 8 paly offs.  I also got another clean sheet in the bag.

3rd game: Waikato 1 – 1 BOP

Before this game we already knoew that we were going for top 8 play offs unless we got thrashed.  This game I was a lot busier and we also gave their keeper a lot too.

4th game: Tauranga 0 – 1 BOP

This game was definitely the hardest yet and hardest of the tournament.  We luckily scored with 5 minutes to play – I was a very busy keeper.

5th game: Hawkes Bay 1 – 3 BOP

I wasn’t as busy this compared to the Tauranga game but they played more quickly.  Even though they had a lot of chances they only scored one goal.

FINAL:  Auckland 2 – 1 BOP

This was the last game of the tournament.  We were 1-0 up at half time but lost the lead in the second.  We hit the crossbar about 3 times and the post too.  I was stoked that I only let 4 goals in all tourney and had a silver medal round my neck.

A huge thanks to all my coaches, managers, supporters, sponsors especially Taupo Half Marathon Sports Fund.  The Nationals were the highlight of my year.  I am so proud to be a member of Team Taupo, to have represented the Bay and to have gained a silver medal.  Bring on 2013!

Liam McLeod.

Lately I have been training with the Bay of Plenty Ur 15 Hockey team every Sunday. For the past 2 months we have travelled to Tauranga, Counties or Hamilton. In the Tauranga game we beat Tauranga 2-0. That was one of the first times Bay has bet them in the past few years. Up in Counties we came 5th out of 8 teams. In our first game we lost against North harbour 6-1. In our second game we beat Northland 6-0. Then in the next day we lost against Tauranga 2-1. Then we beat Auckland b 6-0. Then in Hamilton we placed first in that tri series beating Counties 7-2 and Waikato 2-0. This weekend we are traveling up to Tauranga again and playing Auckland A and then Auckland B.  Then in two weeks we are off to the Nationals in Whangarei.
In my football we are currently placed 2nd in a Bay wide league with Taupo-nui-a-tia. We have currently been playing very well and this Saturday we will be playing our last game of the season.  Huge thanks to the scholarship as I was able to purchase awesome goal keeping gloves from England and some new boots.
I have been nominated for sports awards in both the Taupo Youth awards and Taupo-nui-a-Tia Sports Awards so am looking forward to these events coming up in the next few weeks.
I have just been awarded my Silver Yr 9 Achievers Award at school and aim for the top Platinum award by the end of the year.  This involves participating in many sporting and cultural activities, performing at an excellence level academically, service to school, excellent attendance and achievement vouchers.
Again thanks so much to all my supporters – I enjoyed the Youthtown celebration the other day.

The weekly timetable of professional sportsman Liam McLeod.
Monday: Taupo-Nui-A-Tia development football practise from 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Tuesday: Available to play for the TNT 1st team for hockey
Wednesday: TNT Hockey Practise 4pm to 6pm
Thursday: TNT hockey 2nd team game in Rotorua.
Friday: This is my day off (yay)
Saturday: TNT Football game played in either Tauranga or Taupo.
Sunday: Bay Of Plenty Under 15 hockey practise or tri series depending on the date.

With the TNT Junior HHP (High Performance Programme) system at school I have been learning different ways of turning myself into a better sportsman.  Like when Mr Boyden was talking about motivation he says music can amp you up or calm you down.  I have used that on road trips to sporting events.  Then in the last week of term we had a guest speaker called Philip Tautarangi, he came along with the Sir Peter Blake Trust.  He talked about leadership.  It really helped most of us.
My highlights of my term will have to be winning 21-1 against Tauranga Boys for football and then also playing for the TNT first team for hockey and drawing with Ruamata. The week before they had a bad loss but then improved their game dramatically – I was named Man of the match.
Then the best highlight was being selected for the Bay of Plenty UR 15 Hockey 1st team.  The selection trials were over a month in Taupo, Rotorua and Whakatane.  3 of those weeks were trials to make the final cut of 18 but the last 1 was to make the final cut of 15. There were two keepers left and only 1 of us would make it through.  We were put in the same room as each other then the coach Roger walks in.  He says the words of “Brian I’m sorry” I felt like jumping up and down but I didn’t cos I know how disappointed he was.  That’s how I made it into UR 15s. This year the nationals are in Whangarei in October.  Training and tournaments   will take up all of my term 3 but I’m looking forward to getting to know all the other players.

Thanks to
with support from Chris, Cindy & Cameron Smith & The Cooper Family Trust.

I play Keeper in both Hockey and Football.
My football career started when I was 6, and I have been playing for Taupo rep teams since the age of 9.  Lately I have been training with the Waikato Bay of Plenty training academy every Tuesday and Wednesday travelling to Rotorua which has been a big commitment but has kept my fitness up during the off season.  This year I have been playing with Waikato / Bay of Plenty and have been selected for the Taupo-nui-a-Tia College development team.   I have played two game days recently up in Cambridge and Auckland with the Waikato / Bay of plenty squads and against other Waikato teams and Auckland teams.  This was pretty intense competition.  The following photo was taken in Auckland on the 1st of April.

I have only played Keeper in hockey for 2 years but I have done very well.  Last year I was selected for the Taupo Under 13 team which played in Rotorua every Friday. Then went on to playing for the Bay of Plenty hockey A team. With them I played in numerous different mini series and was the captain for their first tournament.  In Hatch Cup (Hockey Nationals) my team finished 10th but only just missed out on playing off in top 8 playoffs.  In a match against South Canterbury the score was locked at full time so we went into strokes. The score after the strokes was 3-0 to BAY OF PLENTY!!!!!!! It was my highlight of the tournament because I saved 3 strokes in a row.  After Hatch Cup I was scouted for Midlands Under 15 training squad at the age of 12.  I was the youngest boy there.  I have been selected for the Taupo-nui-a-Tia College development squad.  But today joined the College 1st XI and played against Fielding Agricultural College and we came out successful winners in that game 2 -0.   With thanks to the Team Taupo Scholarship and all the supporters I was able to purchase a new helmet and stick which I used for the first time today.  This photo was taken today.