Imagine it’s your first day of work at More FM and you are asked to make a round of coffees.
Ewww! Your coffee doesn’t go down too well…so they tell you that they are going to get Gravity Coffee Roasters to teach you how to make the best coffee in the world, from scratch
…starting that day with a flight to El Salvador to find the right beans!
This is what happened to Kirstie.
Now she's bringing her coffee to New Zealand! She'll be driving around the country in the big bright Gravity Coffee van. So pop along to get a delicious FREE Gravity coffee, and a chance to meet the girl who went from 'coffee zero' to 'coffee hero' in just one week. Check the itinerary below to see when she's in town.
Friday 21st September 8am – 10am Auckland More FM HQ: 239 Ponsonby Road.
Monday 24th September 8am – 10am Hamilton: Top Town Tires, Te Rapa Road.
Monday 24th September 1pm – 3pm Taupo: Lake Front car park
Tuesday 25th September 8am – 10am Palmerston North: City Fitness car park, 80 Pitt Street.
Wednesday 26th September 8am – 10am Wellington: Thorndon New World, 41 Murphy St.
Thursday 27th September 8am - 10am: Nelson: Millers Acre car park, 81 Trafalgar St.
Friday 28th September 8am – 10am: Christchurch: Cashel St Bus Exchange.
Check out what happened on Kirstie's epic journey below
Next week Kirstie will be travelling the country giving out FREE Gravity coffee! Keep checking back here for details of where the van will be parking up!
Friday 14th September

Today was the finale. It was do or die.
I nervously drove into the studios to make my final perfect gravity flat white for the breakfast crew. I had a few practices before going into the studio and I did mess up the first few.
The breakfast crew gave me about 15 minutes to create three perfect coffees and I nailed it. The look on their faces was priceless and the biggest relief for me.
I had done it been all the way to El Salvador and back in less than a week to master the perfect gravity coffee.
Mission complete.
Thursday 13th September

Today I had to get up really early for an interview with More FM then it was straight to work.
Aymon the NZ Barista champion who also works for Gravity Coffee has been teaching me how to make the perfect flat white. There is so much to put together, purging the water, extracting the shot and then heating the milk, that's the really tough bit.
Hopefully with lots of practice over the day I will be ready to make Marc, Amber and Stu the perfect coffee tomorrow on the show.
Especially since the first couple of hundred have been really bad.
Wednesday 12th September

I cant believe we are back in NZ.
I learnt so much in the short time I spent in El Salvador. Already I feel so knowledgable in the coffee process.
We had a 5 hour flight to LA and then straight back to NZ. My body was in total shock after stepping out of the airport where it was barely seven degrees. The temperature had dropped thirty degrees since leaving the airport at San Salvador.
Today we are heading to Gravity HQ where I will learn the roasting process and have a tasting session with Stu.
Tuesday 11th September

Monday 10th September

The trip up to the coffee farm was about a 40 minute drive at maybe 10km/h at max on the back of a truck. The road was extremely rough mostly made from some large rocks, mud and a few smaller rocks but it was so bumpy it felt like we were on a rollercoaster the entire time.
My first memory of Monte Sion the coffee farm were the beautiful gates painted blue and yellow. There were two girls dressed up in traditional El Salvadorian wears to greet us as well as papa the owner.
We went for a tour of the farm and here I learnt a lot about the beans, how they grow, which are the best to pick and why gravity choose Monte Sion to buy their beans. The view was absolutely spectacular, you could see mountain after mountain in the fore ground.
We had lunch with the workers who were all so friendly even though we had to communicate through expressions
I fell in love with a girl named Lilliana, she the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
We finished the day up with a traditional El Salvadorian meal with our host family (with something amazing called a pupusa).
Can't wait for tomorrow.
Sunday 9th September 2012
From stepping out of the airport I was immediately hit with a massive heat wave it was 37 degrees at nine this morning.
The strangest thing is seeing people walking around with big machine guns everywhere. A guy at the store was holding a gun in one hand and a ice-cream in the other.
We stopped at a stall on the side of the road just out of the airport for a fresh coconut to drink, which was cut open in front of us.
It was delicious.
Lilliana and Julianna the owners of Monte Sion the coffee farm are the nicest hosts. The scenery is unreal and the first glimpses of El Salvador and the farm are breathtaking.
This is so much better than I could have ever imagined.
Saturday 8th September 2012
Friday 7th September 2012
So far there are not enough hours in this day.
From the moment I walked into 239 at ten to seven this morning things have been hectic. I made the nervous walk up the stairs for my first day as the More FM intern little did i know what was in stall for me.
In the studio with Marc, Amber and Stu I managed to pull on a smile even though I was freaking out about the initiation stories I had heard. I made a rookie mistake of talking my coffee making skills up so the breakfast team put me to the test to see how well I could make the classic instant coffee.
Apparently I am not as great as i thought.
They handed me an envelope which held my fate and also the destination where I would master the perfect coffee. It read "you are going to the home where Gravity coffee beans are grown-El Salvador."
A thousand things were running through my mind, where was this place, when am I going, then came the catch. Stu announed "you are leaving right now, grab your passport theres a car waiting for you outside". I picked up my hand bag and ran for the door.
Outside there was a Gravity Coffee van waiting for me. I leaped in the the passenger seat and we were off. They let me stop at home, giving me less than ten minutes to pack up. I chucked anything I could find into a suitcase and it began.
El Salvador here I come.