More FM and Blackmores want to hear those little weight loss tips, tricks and challenges that you have found to help or hinder your weight loss journey!
Watch Joe Cotton's Blackmores Weight Management video below then enter your details along with your tips, tricks or challenges and be in the draw for one of 10 incredible Blackmores Weight Management Prize Pack valued at $150 including Kickstart Detox, 2 x Superfruit Smoothie, Appetite Manager, Shaker and booklet PLUS every entry is in the draw to win a full Blackmores Weight Management Programme and a $2000 shopping spree to set you up for a new hot summer wardrobe for your new hot Blackmores Body!
Blackmores Weight Range provides a healthy holistic approach to weight management that doesn’t leave you hungry for more, helping you to kick yo-yo dieting once and for all!
The Blackmores Weight Management range has three different options.
– Blackmores KickStart Detox: a cleansing herbal combination designed to kick start a healthy diet and lifestyle campaign – it helps to cleanse, purify and detoxify your body in the first two weeks of a healthy diet and lifestyle campaign.
– Blackmores Appetite Manager: Containing LuraLean, a plant fibre exclusive to Blackmores – this next generation plant fibre is clinically tested for weight management.It supports a feeling of fullness, which may make you less inclined to over-indulge at meal times!
– Blackmores Superfruit Smoothies: Available in three delicious flavours: Creamy Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla, and Mixed Berries, these meal replacement smoothies are rich in high quality protein and next generation plant fibre LuraLean to help you feel fuller for longer.They contain no artificial sweeteners or colours.