Dove New Zealand has launched a campaign where you put Dove products to the test on your dry or damaged hair! 75% of all Kiwi women believe they have dry or damaged hair - and have been searching for a solution. We think that Dove makes a difference. We asked you to try our range of Hair Therapy shampoos, conditioners, treatments and serums by registering to be one of Dove’s real Kiwi women who love Dove and who would like to share their experiences in an advertising campaign.  Registrations are now closed, Dove have found the finalists and Joe went along to see how their photo shoot went.
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To see who becomes the face of Dove Hair Therapy in New Zealand and read about Joe's journey check out Joe’s blog and photos below:
I have to say this Dove test is turning out to be a pretty sweet deal! So many people have just randomly started commenting on how good my hair looks!
"Oh it's so shiny"
"Have you just had your hair done? It's looking really good!"
Which is pretty awesome because I'm not actually doing anything fancy... I've just been washing my hair with Dove shampoo and conditioner! That's a definite win in my book!!
AND I got to go and have a peek behind the scenes as Dove were auditioning ladies for their upcoming ad campaign. It's the first time they've done one in NZ. But they're not looking to use Supermodel types with incredible heads of hair... The room was actually full of real Kiwi women, all different ages, backgrounds and flavours.
But they shared a lot in common. Most of them were "time poor" and as much as they loved their locks, there was no way they could fit in fussing about with their hair every morning to try and get it to look right.
I heard a lot of... "I just end up saying .. ugh it'll do".
The women with fine hair wanted to find a product that would make their locks look less limp. Give them body without drying it out.
And the women with frizz and fly-aways wanted something that would put moisture back in, without making their hair greasy or even more boofy! I could totally relate to that one.
A lot of them had tried "miracle products" in the past to try and get their hair under control.. But most had come away with emptier pockets and greasier roots!
They ended up getting to sit down with Dove's hair expert! This guy is the Stephen Hawking of hair. He can basically pull out one of your strands... look at it... and he'll know instantly the good, bad & ugly treatment you've put it through.
So he was able to tell each of them which of Dove's shampoos & conditioners would give her the results SHE was looking for. That was pretty cool. To see these ladies light up at the thought of taking the Dove test and finding that YES simply using THE RIGHT shampoo and conditioner can do 90% of the work for you.
I can't wait to catch up with them in a few weeks to see how Dove has made a difference in their life. And if their experience is anything like mine they're gonna be stoked!