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Tarsha from Tarata would like to bring home her baby sister from Portland, Oregon, USA - they haven't seen her since 2007
I would love to bring my baby sister Liana Halverson (33) home for Christmas as my mum and kids and I haven't seen her since 2007, she surprise visited us then but that was before our house burnt down so I would love to bring her home to see her nieces ( Holly 10 & Bree 18) and nephew ( Kaleb 13) and our lovely new home.
Ian from New Plymouth would like to bring home "Granny" from Cape Town, South Africa - they haven’t seen her since 2010
 I would like to bring granny over, she hasn't met the new addition, Jaxon and Alyssa her grand kids yet. We have not seen her for over 5 years now and the family has grown since then. Her name is Vera Smith and she is 72 years old. Might be the last time... Thanks
Wave from New Plymouth would like to bring home her Dad from Darwin, Northen Territory, Australia - She hasn’t seen her dad since 2011
My Dad Robb, he has been living in Darwin for the last 9years, I have seen him only once since he left for oz, we nearly lost him 6 years ago after he suffered a massive heart attack and had to be brought back, he had a triple bypass and thankgod survived, also 15 months ago he fell off his motorbike, he had a major injury to his ankle where he has ended up with a big hole in his ankle, after numerous staph infections a botched skin grafts and has been unable to work and off his feet for over a year and a half, three weeks ago he had his final surgery, and is now finally on the road to recovery. He's a hard man, and a hard worker along side his awesome wife sue who has held the fort for theorise he has been unwell, every time I talk to him on Skype he expresses his need to come home, and get to know his grandkids, he wants to take them hunting and fishing and just have a chance to be a Granddad. it would mean the world to me and my two children to have them home to spend Christmas with us :) and would definitely play a positive role in this whole healing journey, it's been a rough road but I can tell by my Dads words (he is a hard man) that the whole experience of dying three times in one day and being given a second chance has life has changed his interior and softened him in a positive way, I just want to hug him and feel those feelings that were covered up by his hard exterior my whole life- for real and not over s coniter screen. Thank you so much for this opportunity xx
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