Mother Nature didn't play nice on the More FM Beach Day, that means we’ve still got ALL the prizes to give away!
Now we’re bringing the beach to you with our Virtual Beach Dig thanks to AvantiPlus Blenheim.  So put on your virtual jandals, shake the sand off your imaginary towel and listen out for the cue to call from 6am on More FM.
Each time we head to the virtual version of Whites Bay, one lucky caller will get the chance to call out one of the coordinates below. As long as no one has 'dug' out that spot already, the caller will win a prize. If the coordinates have already been 'dug up' More FM will move on to the next contestant, giving them the chance to win.
To help you select a legitimate spot you can download and print a virtual beach dig chart here. Simply cross off a coordinate each time someone selects it. And just in case you miss one, we'll update our chart below at the end of each day.
Good luck from AvantiPlus Blenheim  - Trade anything with two wheels and save yourself lots off a new road bike! - and More FM
Oh and one last rule - no skinny dipping allowed!
UPDATED: 05/03/2015 
NOTE: If you're keeping a regular eye on the grid please ensure you refresh the page each time you come back to ensure you're looking at the most up to date grid.