We have our finalists who all want to win the 20k Soiree at Bella Vista Lodge!  Watch the videos then vote below for who you want to win the soiree on October 28th!  To vote, you do need to join our site so if you're not already a member, just click on "join" up the top right.  If you're already a member, click "log in" on the top right.
Sally wants to win an 80th birthday for her parents - click here to watch her video.  Delanie wants to win an art show for her friend - click here to watch her video.  Wiki wants to win a work soiree - click here to watch her video.  Hannah wants to get married there - click here to watch her video.
It's one vote per e-mail address per day.  Voting closes 5pm Sunday October 7th and Vinnie and Kirt will announce the winner on Monday October 8th between 7 and 9am.
The winner will get to enjoy a 20k Soiree at Bella Vista Lodge on Sunday October 28th with a package that includes food and refreshments, live entertainment from Marg Harper and Aaron Bloomfield, decorations, accommodation for some of the guests and an all round fabulous time!  Click here to read the full contest terms and conditions.