Win clearer digital TV & more with Freeview

We're counting down to the time that the whole of South Island will be 100% digital TV. That means the old analogue system won't work anymore.
Freeview would like to make it easy for you to take your TV Digital! Tell us where in New Zealand this freely viewed landmark is and you are in to win a Freeview prize pack including popcorn, jelly beans, takeaway voucher and a Freeview|HD receiver for to convert your home viewing to digital!

Where in New Zealand is this landmark from?
Also, did you know…?
- 100% of NZ's top rating shows are available on Freeview. That's all of your favourite shows without having to pay any on-going fees.* 
- You can set yourself up to watch digital TV for as little as $79? All you need is a UHF aerial or satellite dish.
- With MyFreeview you can record two channels at the same time?
Don't decide until you've seen the Freeview guide.
*Nielson ratings top 150 shows Feb 2013.