Lana & Jase Driving You Home

While finishing off your hectic day at work or picking up the kids from school – join Lana & Jase from 3pm to 7pm.

More FM is driving you home with Lana Searle & Jason Gunn

Jason you’ll know (your kids probably won’t) from shows like; The Son of a Gunn Show, McDonald’s Young Entertainers, What Now, The Rich List and a raft of others.  He’s also a father to 4 beautiful kids, a cricket nut and was standing on a phonebook in that photo above.

Lana on the other hand, has been a More FM stalwart, working in Northland, Hamilton, Auckland and Christchurch. She comes from a massive family in Dargaville, loves cats, KFC and was once addicted to Farmville.

Join Lana & Jase weekdays from 3 – 7pm for the latest news & weather, some of the biggest competitions, and a giggle or three.

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Lana's late night purchase has finally arrived - and what does the team make of her piece of history?


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Lana & Jase brutally roast each other in preparation for their 'Game of the Century'

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Coach Lana & Jase bring in some extra help

When Lana & Jase couldn't make training due to the fog, they got the two best people in the area as back up.


Lana & Jase practice singing 'Man, I Feel Like A Woman' with Shania Twain!

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Are you ready for the Game of the Century?

We have come up with our most competitive challenge yet!

Lana & Jase hold a press conference over their Rugby 7-Aside location concern

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Pauline shows off her final transformation

Pauline has returned from Thailand to show Lana & Jase her final transformation!


Jase thanks the people who helped during his recent health scare

Jase was flying home from holiday with his family last Saturday when he began to feel a bit funny during the flight.


Lana & Jase hit the jackpot when digging for treasure in a backyard

What will they find beneath the surface?


Someone packs a sad when Lana & Jase search for lost treasure!

Is that metal detector even on?