Lana & Jase Driving You Home

While finishing off your hectic day at work or picking up the kids from school – join Lana & Jase from 3pm to 7pm.

More FM is driving you home with Lana Searle & Jason Gunn

Jason you’ll know (your kids probably won’t) from shows like; The Son of a Gunn Show, McDonald’s Young Entertainers, What Now, The Rich List and a raft of others.  He’s also a father to 4 beautiful kids, a cricket nut and was standing on a phonebook in that photo above.

Lana on the other hand, has been a More FM stalwart, working in Northland, Hamilton, Auckland and Christchurch. She comes from a massive family in Dargaville, loves cats, KFC and was once addicted to Farmville.

Join Lana & Jase weekdays from 3 – 7pm for the latest news & weather, some of the biggest competitions, and a giggle or three.

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