The Si & Gary Sunday Show

Every Sunday from 6am - 9am enjoy New Zealand icons Simon Barnett & Gary McCormick on More FM - well at least they'll like to think they're icons!

Should you let your partner choose their own engagement ring?

Who should choose the ring?


Si hilariously misreads the simplest of instructions while filling a beanbag

Only Si could get it THAT wrong.


Ling & Zing on getting the lowest judges score ever

They've also got a plan if they don't make any money on auction day.


Si gets hilariously fact checked by his old teacher after making up a school-yard story

Nothing gets past Mr Jury


Stephen Donald chats to Si & Gary about the intense public scrutiny he faced

He also talks about his experience at the World Cup


Si gets caught red handed after leaving his dirty dishes in the staff room

Sam was one step ahead of him though!


Si & Gary find out if it's actually possible to hurt a dog's feelings

Si's long held question will finally be laid to rest!


Gary thinks something's up with his family portrait

Poor Gary!


Gary has a full blown meltdown after getting made to do ALL of the staff dishes

Gary's cleaning 'technique' is a little bit special...


Si & Gary meet Reggie the Snapchat Dog

Si & Gary chat to Mark Vette and his dog Reggie, now known for his skills on social media.


Gullible Si falls for the lamest joke of all time

So lame it's hilarious!


The Block NZ's Stace & Yanita chat about their decision to score the other teams zero

The other teams were not impressed by this...