Si & Gary's Impossible Question


Every morning at 6.15am, we play the Impossible Question!

Think you know the answer to this question?

This happens to kiwis on average once in their lifetime...

The money jackpots $50 each day if it isn't struck!

Be sure to listen with Si & Gary and call 0800 MORE FM (0800 667336) for your chance to answer.

Previous Impossible Questions:

Q: 31% of us own 3 or more of these?

A: Clothes airers

Q: What do 1% of kiwis take with them on holiday?

A: Vacuum cleaner

Q: What do 4% of kiwis bring back from their OE?

A: Russian Dolls

Q. 18% of people say this is their biggest regret in life...?

A. Not learning to play the guitar

Q. 42% of adults have no idea where this is...?

A. Car manual

Q. 14% of Kiwis own 2 of these...?

A. Craft Knife

Q. 22% of you purchase this once a year?

A. Vitamin C

Q. On average we own six of these in our lifetime?

A. Laundry baskets