Live Rent Free for a Year with Si & Gary


Live Rent Free for a year ... IS BACK

Si & Gary could be paying your rent or mortgage for up to a year.

We'll cover your rent or mortgage so you can spend the extra money on yourself! Imagine the freedom you’d have if More FM paid your biggest bill… for a year!  

How it works:
Register your weekly rent or mortgage payments on the registration form below.

Each day Si & Gary will call two people to play JINX to LIVE RENT FREE.

They will spin the "Live Rent Free" wheel which will determine if you are playing for a week, fortnight, month or an entire year worth of rent or mortgage payments.

They will then ask you a question, and play the countdown - 3-2-1

After the countdown you must both say your answer.

If your answers are the same - then it's a JINX and you'll both Live Rent Free. If your answers are different - then you win nothing.

Register below, then keep listening to Si & Gary weekdays at 7.50am for your chance to Live Rent Free for up to an entire year.

Terms and conditions apply

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