Go Hunting and Win Prizes These School Holidays


School Holidays Rock!! So what better way to celebrate them than a More FM Rock Hunt to get you out and enjoying these sunny days. We rather creatively called it More FM School Holidays Rock ‘Rock Hunt’.

We sent new guy Tim out to hide specially painted rocks* around the region and all you have to do is find them then bring them back to us at 1 Main Street Blenheim to claim a Maccas Sharebox with thanks to McDonalds Blenheim.

Clues will be posted to our Facebook page, but if you want to get the inside scoop (and some extra clues) make sure you are listening to More FM between 10-3 when Tasha will spill the beans about where Tim has hidden them.


*they are all painted blue with the More FM logo

**One rock per family please so we can spread the joy!