A 21-year-old couple build their own tiny home to be mortgage-free


Josh and Lindsay, a 21 year old couple from Canada plan to move into their very own custom-made, hand-built tiny house this summer.

Josh was inspired to start building at just 18 years old after he watched a YouTube video about a teenager doing a similar thing.
Josh got himself a summer job and saved up enough money to buy a car-hauler trailer at the end of the season, and he's been working on the tiny house ever since.
He has single-handedly built and financed every aspect of the tiny house and he says he took this long to build the house because he didn't want to go into debt with the project.
Josh's girlfriend Lindsay found out about his plans to live in a tiny house on their first date, and he quickly managed to convince her that living in a small space, with no mortgage, was the key to starting a life together on the right foot.
The pair, who are just 21 years old now, have plans to certify the tiny house as an RV so they can park it year-round at an RV park, or to find land in a municipality that allows tiny homes.
They hope that the freedom of having a rent-free and mortgage-free lifestyle will allow them to travel more, and spend time doing things they love.

source: data archive