Adele forgets her own lyrics, swears live on stage during 'Rolling in the Deep'


Warning, the above video has strong language.
Out of all people, you don't expect Adele to forget the words to 'Rolling in the Deep'!
The singer was 50 seconds into her song, performing her hit song 'Rolling in the Deep' as her concert finale, when she had to stop and ask for a restart after she sung the wrong words.
The 28-year-old panicked on stage, yelling "Oh s***, f***, s*** stop. I did the wrong words, let's do it again!"
She then asks for the lights to dip again so she can begin from the beginning. And by the second time she got to the verse, she had it right.
We love your realness Adele!
Watch what happened in the video above. 

source: data archive