Bindi Irwin shows her excessive injuries from Dancing with the Stars US


This week on the Dancing with the Stars US, Bindi Iriwn’s intro involved a shot off her swollen knees and damaged feet - and even her toenails have been falling off!
The 17-year-old Australian star later revealed that as a result of seven weeks of intense dance training she only has four toenails left.
But her handsome boyfriend Chandler Powell comes to the rescue.
"My feet are really gross," she admitted. "I felt so bad that they showed them! But they are actually superglued right now because I lost another [toenail] in dress rehearsal! I just have holes in my feet and my nails keep popping off, but if I superglue them they don't hurt as much."
"My boyfriend was the only one who saw my feet and he was the one helping me superglue them and taping them every day," she continued. "At one point one of my toenails fell off and it like flicked past him, and he was like, 'Ugh! It's a good thing I love you!' Because it was just so gross!" she said, laughing. "I felt so bad!"
See her dance from this week's Dancing with the Stars US episode above. 

source: data archive