Ed Sheeran Makes Surprise Trip to New Zealand


Singer Ed Sheeran is in New Zealand! But not many people seem to know why he's been brought to the country, or which part of the country he's in.
'The A Team' singer tweeted to his almost 8 million followers today: "In kiwi land making music for kiwi things", which has led to speculation that he may be producing music for 'The Hobbit' movie series, after meeting with Peter Jackson in his last trip to New Zealand this March.
"It was awesome," said Sheeran about his lunch with Peter Jackson. "I just geeked out fully for like half an hour."
While no one appears to be too certain what "kiwi thing" Sheeran is working on, he has spent this year touring with Taylor Swift in America and working on his second album, reportedly set for release on February 17, which happens to be Sheeran's 23rd birthday.
Spotted Ed Sheeran in NZ? Think you know why he's here? Comment below.

source: data archive