Man accuses US KFC for serving him fried rat


According to a man from America, this isn't the three-piece KFC meal he asked for...
Devorise Dixon from California has accused his local KFC for serving him a fried rat - and the shape of the chicken sure is rat-like.
"As I bit into it I noticed that it was very hard and rubbery which made me look at it. As I looked down at it I noticed that it was in a shape of a rat with a tail," he wrote on his Facebook with these photos.
"I've been feeling weird ever since... I've never seen chicken like this before it's sick!!!"
He also shared a video of the rat/chicken on his Facebook.
He later updated on Facebook that he took the piece of suspicious meat back to the manager, who confirmed it was rat and apologised, but KFC's national company have said that this wasn't true.
[Photos: Facebook]
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