Married At First Sight Australia's Christie says "Farmer" Mark was all lies


After becoming one of the show's favourite couples, Mark and Christie from 'Married At First Sight' Australia's second season called it quits - and Christie has opened up as to why.
Christie Jordee told that in hindsight, their seven months relationship was never going to work out due to their distance. 
"We stayed together [after the show] and obviously everyone loves the couples that stay together. We were on this massive high but the relationship was breaking down dramatically," Christie explains.
"I had people abusing me, saying they deserved to know if we had broken up because we were on TV. When we announced our split, people were calling me a stupid woman. It was such a frustrating time."
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"Couldn’t people see from the beginning it wasn’t going to work? When I look back – I’m a city girl, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m about to start another company. And then put me in the middle of friggin nowhere and then to have a man that would not give at all!"
Christie also explains Mark's "farmer" life wasn't real at all. "That was all lies! He’s in construction and we lived on his father’s farm."
While together, Christie had noticed Mark did receive a lot of attention from other women on social media, but while he didn't cheat physically on her, she knows he contacted some of those other girls.
"I think he thought ‘well, why do I need to go to Sydney when I have so many women that will come to me.' That’s fine, I do not judge Mark at all for that. It’s a blessing in disguise because I would have been so bored."  
Mark is now in another relationship with a commercial director, while Christie says she's still trying out online dating - but admits she'll never do another TV dating show again.
See photos of Christie and Mark's relationship in the gallery above. 

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