Rebel Wilson comes clean about why she lied about her age


      Actress Rebel Wilson has explained the reason why she chose to shave six years off her actual age.
The 35-year-old 'Pitch Perfect' actress originally told people she was 29, until a former high schoolmate told the Australian 'Woman's Day' magazine Rebel was lying about her age.
Originally refusing to address the rumours in May, the actress now explains it was a "business" decision to not reveal her real age, because of ageism and sexism in Hollywood.
She told Who magazine "Being an actress it affects women more than men in terms of ageism and sexism so to be called out by the press on something most sensible business-minded people would have done in my position, it was a bit hurtful."
"When you're an actor, you have what's called a playing range; to me, it's not really beneficial having your age written anyway."
No matter her age, Rebel Wilson is still a funny woman, and will star in a confirmed Pitch Perfect 3, set to be released in 2017.
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