The Bachelor NZ's Jordan Mauger explains why he didn't pick Naz


His family influenced him to pick Fleur Verhoeven, or so The Bachelor star Jordan Mauger suggests in another interview with a woman’s magazine.

The reality TV star, who went to ground after receiving enormous public backlash and begged for the media to leave him alone, has done a media interview, again.
This time Mauger hints that he didn’t choose Naz Khanjani in the show’s finale because his family influenced him against her.
“I spoke to my family for about two hours after they’d met both girls and I asked them who they would most like to come for Christmas,” he told Woman’s Day.
“I don’t want to say who they chose, but there were some who were judging Naz on what they’d seen up to that point on TV, rather than what they’d seen in person.”
He picked Fleur, and then embarrassingly dumped her 48 hours later.
Naz, he said, is doomed and a romantic relationship with her now would be tainted in “a lot of negativity.”
He said he felt it was unfair that Fleur had been portrayed as heart broken because they had barely had a relationship. He suggests he didn’t deserve the love rat brush he was tarred with and the vilification on social media.
However, the single man says he needs to heal if he is to find love again. “There’s still a space in my life for someone, but I just need time to heal from this,” he said.
Naz is supportive of Mauger, despite him turning her down on the show. She tweeted: “I completely agree with Jordan & support him 100% in everything he says."
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