'When A City Falls' - Movie Review


When a City Falls’ is the astonishing documentary film about the tragic events that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand during the last few months of 2010 and the months since then.

Producer, writer and director Gerard Smyth is the man behind the camera, with Christchurch and its people the centre point of the film. Smyth is from Christchurch and was there for the 7.1 Earthquake in the early hours of September in which the first half of the film is based.

It shows the people of Christchurch standing together strong and in slight irony claiming how lucky they are as no one is injured or killed.
Then they get hit even harder with the February 22nd tremor which killed 182 people, destroys homes and businesses, and changes Christchurch forever.

It’s a personal account from the people of Christchurch and a very heartfelt one.
For those that were there during those times, it will conjure up memories of loss and pain, and for those who weren’t there, it will show just how devastating the earthquakes were to the city of Christchurch and New Zealand.

‘When a City Falls’ goes into places the news crews couldn’t. It shows director Gerard Smyth as a personality of Christchurch and someone who is fairly well-known.

Being a kiwi myself it was very hard not to shed a tear for the events that occurred, but more so for the way the New Zealand spirit was portrayed throughout the film. From the people who were tragically taken to the people who went out of their way to help others. These personal accounts made me proud to be a New Zealander.

In Cinemas 24th November

9 out of 10

By Dane Anderson

source: data archive