Meet our Jingle Bail Kids

The bail money from More FM Jingle Bail will be used for these Kiwi kids who we want to send on a life-changing trip to the Gold Coast.

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Nominations for Jingle Bail are still open until the end of this year, just fill out this form.

Liliarnah is 10 years old from Blenheim.

Lili has known no life without arthritis. Diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis before she turned 2, it affects her knees, ankles, eyes and jaw. With medication to help manage the pain, throughout the years she has become a strong, independent young girl who has a heart of gold.

She is described as someone who puts others before herself, always looking after her younger sisters or playing with some animal/bug/plant that she has discovered somewhere. Even though she has JIA it has not stopped her zest for life, her want to discover adventures and her love to make new friends.

Octavier is 9 years old from Blenheim.

Octavier was only 10 months old and just starting to stand when his parents realised there was a problem.  One morning his dad Simon noticed he wasn’t able to put any weight on his right leg and his leg was hot with a lump. 

They rushed to the doctors where Octavier had an X-ray and by 6pm that night he was having his first surgery.   The doctors initially were treating it as a bone infection but he was eventually diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. 

In his short life he has been through so much trauma and a long healing process which has meant he has missed out on so many opportunities - this trip would be a dream come true for Octavier

Casey is 12 years old from Whitianga.

At 12 years old Casey should be thinking about what language he wants to take in High School, or whether he wants to play ten pin bowling or laser tag for his 13th birthday - instead Casey has just undergone his eleventh operation!

Casey’s parents found a cyst the size of a quarter of his brain when he was just 4 years old, from then Caseys life has not been carefree, never going longer than one or two years without running into complications, illness and pain.

This year he was chosen to go to LA to visit Elon Musk’s private school as a school trip.  Shortly before the trip his shunt blocked and he had two urgent operations. His family could no longer get insurance to go to LA and they had to cancel the trip that they had spent a year fundraising for.  

Not only was Casey devastated he couldn't go on the trip he had been looking forward to, he continued to have complications and 6 weeks later he ended up back in hospital having two more operations and missed camp with his class.

Throughout all of Caseys tribulations, when his head feels like it is exploding and after all the disappointments this year, he has stayed strong and resilient. What an amazing end to a horrible year this trip could be for him!

Kiri is 11 years old from Auckland.

Kiri was born with a VSD (ventricular septal defect) and heart defect at birth, however it wasn’t picked up until he was 3 months old. 

To date he has had 3 open heart surgeries:- at 3 months, 2 ½ yrs and recently at 11 yrs of age.  He is a loveable chap who gets on with both children and adults.

At first glance he may look intimidating (big boy) but he is a real huggy bear.  The family would love to see him venture out on his own and experience a trip of a lifetime.

Juan is 9 years old from Auckland.

It’s heartbreaking for anyone to find out that their loved one has a chronic illness, for Juan’s family they found out that both their children's lives would change forever, all within a week. 

Diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, Juan’s sister needed a new heart immediately, and within days of surgery Juan found out that he was also to suffer the same fate. Developing at a slower pace, Juan was luckier than his sister - contracting a less invasive form of Cardiomyopathy. 

Despite being told that this could change at any point, Juan has remand the strong, brave and selfless big brother his sister always needed. Taking every day, and hospital visit as it comes, Juan would love the opportunity to experience the same adventure his sister joined Koru Care on in 2018.

Alize is 11 years old from Christchurch.

Alize is the bravest Big Brother any sibling could ask for.  His 3-year-old brother Andre is terminal, he is a non-resus child. He has quite bad brain damage. He doesn't walk, talk or see. He is totally reliant on his family for all his day to day needs. It's quite stressful at times, especially when he is in hospital.  

Alize has been nominated by his Nana because he has taken on Andre's cares and he treats him like a normal little brother, not letting any of his disabilities get in the way. He puts him on the trampoline for a bounce, he takes him for walks in his wheelchair, he sings to him even sleeping with him if he is unsettled. It's been a very stressful time for the family. Losing Andre's twin was very emotional and Alize was only 7 years old. He wanted to see Ace and hold him, which enabled him to say goodbye. 

Alize is only 11 and in his short life he has experienced loss and grief. But the positive is that he has had time with his little brother to make memories that he will hold with him forever.

We don’t know how long we have Andre with us for, it could only be months. 

Alize deserves some time out just for him and his family would love to see him enjoying a trip of a lifetime so he can come home and tell his little brother and sister all about it. 

Alize is a special kid, one of a kind. He wants to be a policeman when he is older, and  nothing will stop this kid as he really has heart and compassion well beyond his 11 years.

Paige is 12 years old from Whangarei.

Paige is a beautiful 12 year old girl who has epilepsy and autism. She had epilepsy since 4 months old and diagnosed autistic at the age of 4 years old.

It breaks her family's heart that she battles with the issues and because of these, it affects her in so many ways, like being included in groups of friends, group activities etc.

With Paige heading to intermediate school next year, this will be a huge change to her which has caused her a lot of anxiety. Her family wanted to nominate her so she knows she is special to be chosen as part of a group.

Dakota is 11 years old from Northland.

Dakota was born with no hip socket so from a young age she has had many operations.  She gets x-rays to keep an eye on it. She was diagnosed just before her second birthday with coeliacs so there was so much to learn about the condition but she does really well dealing with it but feels she misses out all the time and it is hard for the family to watch.  Then came the diagnosis of mild ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) which affects her social skills.  

Dakota is the oldest of four (soon to be 5) siblings so she has a lot to deal with.  She has been pushed aside, not on purpose as her next sibling down has some behavioral issues and Dakota quite often becomes the target of his anger.  Dakota is very bubbly, caring and loves to be around people. She would love to experience something like this trip as she can not do extra things after school as the family budget does not allow it as much is used for her brothers care.

Rory is 10 years old from Rangiora.

Rory is a very happy, smiley boy who never complains about the difficulties and challenges he faces due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Rory is the youngest of three and spends a lot of time watching his siblings and friends participate in activities he can’t do although Rory does try and do as much as he can.  This would be an awesome opportunity for him to make some fantastic memories and new friends before he is fully confined to a chair.

Huntar is 13 years old from Upper Hutt.

In 2016 Huntar was rushed to Christchurch with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  He received intense chemo as he had 5 tumours, the side effects were horrific. Some chemo was put into his spine and on the 3rd cycle, he became paralysed from the chest down, a very rare side effect with no record of it worldwide of it happening to a child.  He wasn’t expected to walk again. After beating cancer, he had to learn how to live using a wheelchair and lived away from home for 3 months in Auckland at a rehab centre.

At the end of 2017 Huntar was able to stand and walk a few steps.  Hunters life consists of physio 5 times a week and will be for the rest of his life.  No matter all the pain and limits cancer has given him he always sees the positive. Recently Huntar has had surgery to cut and reinstate his femur and ankle and metal plates to hold it right.  Even after that he managed a smile. Just a month ago we have found out that due to the chemo, he now has glaucoma in both eyes as a late side effect. Huntar deserves a break and to become more independent and make some great friends.  He fights every day for a place in a world that has thrown so much his way in the last 4 years.

Sophie is 9 years old from Auckland.

Sophie has just turned 9 years old and is a child that from day 1 has been living with NF1. She is from all accounts a regular little girl.  Since she was born, she has lived with NF1 – a genetic disorder that in the early stages of her life saw her in and out of hospitals, connected to tubes and undergoing cancer treatments to try to shrink the tumours that come with this disease in her body.  She had so many treatments that her body started rejecting the treatments and treatments ended up being stopped, with yearly scans to monitor the tumours growth and what to do with it all.

It was a very hard time for her mum and dad, one of which had to stop working at the time to be there for her daughter and the consistent hospital visits.  Sophie is now a girl that still has the tumours, but that is incredibly active – swims, plays sports, loves being outdoors and active and is a regular girl in every single way apart from 2 – she is clinically blind in one eye due to the tumour sitting behind and affecting her optic nerves and does have learning disabilities, falling behind in school due to her brain over compensating for her sight

Sophie would LOVE to go to the Gold Coast.  She loves all sorts of theme parks and rides and never has enough of going to Rainbow’s End where she got super excited finally reaching the height to be able to go on some of the more serious adult rides.

Stella is 15 years old from Auckland.

Stella was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa in July, only 5 days after her grandfather died.  In hindsight she had been battling Anorexia for several years but it really took hold in the months leading up to July.  Since then, Stella has spent more than a month in and out of hospital with 5 admissions and has had and is still having multiple outpatient clinic appointments with doctors, psychiatrists and therapists. She is facing a lot of personal struggles and fears that go along with this challenging mental illness.  

Because Stella has needed support around meals and with her anxiety, her mother has had to take leave from work to care for her so that she is available and have the flexibility to be there for her when she needs support.

The impact on the entire family has been major and really flipped them upside down.  Life has stopped for her mother and her entire focus has been on Stella and trying to keep normal life going for Stella’s younger sister.

Stella could do with some motivation to remain well and encourage her on this long road of recovery and a trip like this would be just amazing to give her that motivation.  The family hopes that telling Stella’s story is able to motivate others and bring awareness to mental illness and give her and others hope, then it would bring the family such joy know that this rough year has happened for a reason with a positive outcome.

Xander is 11 years old from Raglan.

Xander was diagnosed with an eye cancer called Retinoblastoma when he was 3 years old. He had to have his right eye removed.

Due to this he sometimes gets teased at school which causes him immense stress, anxiety and depression.

He lacks self-confidence and doesn’t acknowledge his own abilities. This trip would be an amazing reward for getting through an extremely challenging year.

Gaelle is 11 years old from Auckland.

Gaelle has been diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis in February 2019.  Her curve is 50 degrees, which is quite a major curve for a child of her age.  She wears a brace every night to help with pain and hopefully reduce the curve.  Because of her constant back pain, she had to give up the two most important activities to her; tap dance and violin.  She was playing violin with the North Shore Junior Orchestra and the Stringalongs and doing weekly lessons and theory. She had to give them up because of her scoliosis. It was one of the hardest decisions for her to make.  Gaella is very caring, positive and active young lady. She loves sports, art and music. This year has been particularly tough on her as she is very active but her back pain is forcing her to slow down a lot and give up a lot of the things that are dear to her and so far she has done this very bravely and with a big smile.

The family believe that this trip will help her to see that she is not the only child who has medical issues and dealing with pain on a daily basis.  Hopefully connecting with other children and building some long term friends will be the making of her.

Gianni is 13 years old from Fielding.

Gianni doesn’t suffer an illness himself, but has a very stressful life and a lot of responsibility looking after his mother for the past 6 years. She has a brain tumour and has regular seizures. Gianni often has to witness these, put her in the recovery position and call the ambulance as it is just him and his mum at home.

He is the most compassionate boy and his Mum feels he needs time off from being an adult and have the fun that other kids get to have.

Shelby is 14 years old from Upper Hutt.

Anyone that has ever met Shelby describes her in 3 words ….kind sweet and caring.  She has had an incredibly challenging couple of years and her family is so proud of her bravery and resilience.  Shelby has always been an incredibly active and sporty girl, participating in any sport given the opportunity.

Unfortunately Shelby has always suffered from pain in her feet due to a congenital abnormality.  As the years have passed and she has grown and become even more active her feet became more and more painful.  ‘A year ago she had given up her love of dancing as it became too painful for her. Shelby started college at the beginning of this year but it soon became apparent that even walking to and from school was too much for her.

After years of physio and orthotic treatment the doctors decided the only option was surgery. So in June of this year, Shelby underwent major surgery where bone was taken from her hip and inserted into both her feet to correct the deformity and hopefully get her back to her normal activities.  The surgery was long and painful and more involved than even the surgeon anticipated. Recovery has been extremely slow.. 6 weeks in a wheelchair, followed by months in casts and then moon boots. Shelby returned to college a few weeks ago but can only manage a day at a time as her feet are still sore and her muscles have wasted away for not being used for so long.

Throughout it all, her attitude never ceased to amaze everyone.  She is the most thoughtful daughter, granddaughter, sibling and friend, always putting others before herself.  Having a trip for her to look forward to would put such a big smile on her face.