Meet our Jingle Bail Kids

The bail money from More FM Jingle Bail will be used to send these Kiwi kids on a holiday adventure with Koru Care NZ.

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Mason is 9 years old from Christchurch.

Mason was diagnosed with Leukaemia in February last year and has been in and out of hospital having chemotherapy ever since.

His mum and dad say he is a very brave, strong boy.

His maintenance treatment will continue for 2 and a half years until he is in remission.

Quinn is 11 years old from Whangarei.

Quinn has Stickler Syndrome, which is a genetic condition that affects people in different ways.

For Quinn, it means he doesn’t produce collagen and had a retinal detachment in his right eye causing blindness. His left eye is in danger of it happening too.

He has had multiple operations on his eyes over the last few years, meaning he has missed a lot of school. 

William is 14 years old from Invercargill.

William has a life threatening illness called Aplastic Anaemia, and after one failed bone marrow transplant and months and months of chemo, he is doing well with his second transplant.

He has had to travel from Invercargill to Auckland often for treatment and has had two years of disruption at school.

Fatigue is an ongoing issue but William gets regular checkups. An experience like this trip will help him to feel normal again.

Brooklyn is 13 years old from Dunedin.

Brooklyn was born premature and with a heart defect.

She had open heart surgery when she was just five years old!

She spends her free time helping out Heart Kids with fundraising and participating in challenges. She’s always getting involved!

Noah is 12 years old from Queenstown.

Noah was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was a baby!

He has a permanent pump inserted under his skin that administers insulin and has to be changed every 3 days. He needs 24 hour supervision so hasn’t been away from his parents except for Diabetes Camp.

He’s a kind and caring boy who deserves a special treat like this.

Nathaniel is 12 years old from Whangarei.

Nathaniel has Autosomal dominant optic atrophy - which basically means his optic nerves are deteriorating and he is losing his sight. Eventually it is expected that he will be blind.

He is an amazing boy who does not let his condition stop him from doing what he wants to do. His parents want to give him as many experiences as they can while he can still see.

Victoria is 15 years old from Morrinsville

Victoria was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (Skeletal muscle weakness) two years ago.

She has been in hospital for most of the time since, and was on life support for a period of time. She has treatment every ten days and is often in hospital.

This trip would lift her spirits and hopefully let her do things she hasn’t been able to do for so long.

Anaya is 15 years old from Gisborne.

Anaya was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes this year. It has been hard for her to deal with. The insulin has caused weight gain and body dysmorphia and her eyesight is worsening.

She has two younger siblings who are autistic but is a great older sister to them. She is good with kids so will be a good buddy on the trip.

Xander is 8 years old from Christchurch.

Xander has a congenital heart defect. He had 2 failed operations last year to stretch his existing conduit replacement and underwent his second open heart surgery this year.

His parents try to compensate for his lost time with school/friends and siblings through awesome activities.

Kate is 12 years old from Matamata.

Kate has had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia since she was 3. After long spells of treatment, and a bone marrow donation from her brother, she has had multiple relapses and is currently having specialist treatment in Melbourne.

She is a sweet girl who is hilariously funny and stoic.

Theo is 7 years old from Christchurch.

Theo was born with a throat condition called Laryngomalacia. Theo went to Starship in June 2018 to get his artery reconstructed but then was re-admitted into hospital 10 days later after suffering from a Chyle leak. Although Theo still struggles with Laryngomalacia he is so much better than he was.

Theo has gone through his journey full of smiles and is always so brave and happy with the doctors and nurses. He would absolutely love the opportunity to see and experience all that Koru Care and More FM would give him.

Meika is 13 years old from Hawera.

Since Meika was three, she has had constant respiratory and sinus issues. She has been through multiple corrective surgeries. In 2018 she was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which disrupted her sports and school hours. Last year she was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and now sleeps with a CPAP. She loves being active but she needs a support person to help with her meds if she participates. Meika is fun, loving, caring, strong and extremely brave.

Ethan is 10 years old from Tauranga.

March 22, 2018 at the age of 7 years old Ethan was diagnosed with leukaemia.  Ethan was such an active kid, loved sports and school and being around his friends.  It has definitely been a rough couple of years but Ethan has always stayed positive and never complained once about what he was going through.

His parents are so proud of him and the young man he is growing into and the attitude towards his illness.

Georgie is 12 years old from New Plymouth.

Georgie was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 8. She was put on an insulin pump but due to the expense, now has to inject herself at least 5 times a day.

People don’t have an understanding of the disease so they are too scared to invite Georgie to parties and her classmates have been bullying her.  She was once a witty, outgoing, happy child but is now withdrawn. 

Ella is 15 years old from Invercargill.

Ella injured her foot in 2018 and the injury turned into CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain). It is a disorder of the nervous system which causes mixed messages to the body. It’s described as one of the most painful conditions on earth. Ella can’t touch her foot and until recently could not wear a shoe.  The CRPS has also caused her bladder to go into full bladder retention and now has to self catheterise. She spent 3 months in Starship this year, and then 5 weeks in the Wilson Rehab centre.

Tyler is 12 years old from Southland.

Tyler suffered a Stroke while in the womb. It wasn’t until he was 16 months old that he was diagnosed with Left Side Hemiplegia. His left arm is weak and his speech is not always intelligible to people who do not know him, but he has a talk link device to help. 

It has not been an easy road for Tyler, he has known he has been different from an early age and has had numerous conditions relating to his condition.

Thanks to Toyworld for helping make More FM Jingle Bail possible.