More FM Jingle Bail - Videos

Check out the videos and highlights from last year's Jingle Bail below:

William tears up hearing his More FM Jingle Bail nomination

William had absolutely no idea that he had been nominated for the More FM Jingle Bail trip until he heard his mum's voice on the radio.


Quinn's mum gets emotional at his More FM Jingle Bail news

Quinn has had a rough 18 months, losing sight to one eye and rushed surgery to save his other.


Mason's Mum finds out her son is our first More FM Jingle Bail Kid

It's time that 9-year-old Mason has an adventure and be a kid!


Jay-Jay is forbidding Flynny from repeating this Jingle Bail mess

Even in jail, Jay-Jay's the cellblock boss.


Jay-Jay & Flynny plan their "sexy" night look for More FM Jingle Bail

Get ready livestreamers ;)


Wendy surprises us with one generous donation for More FM Jingle Bail

Yesterday we thought we'd received our final total for our More FM Jingle Bail, but our wonderful listeners have come through for one final push!


Jay-Jay & Flynny get the final donation total for More FM Jingle Bail 2019

A week after they were first locked up in the jail cell - what is the final total at?


Flynny becomes live mannequin as punishment for breaking out of More FM Jingle Bail cell

If you break out of the cell, you can guarantee Jailman Jase will found out and there will be strict repercussions.


Jase causes absolute supermarket carnage in 60 seconds

Jase, a man with one trolley and a determination for speed.


Jay-Jay takes karaoke to the next level in the More FM Jingle Bail cell

Pringles, bananas, Christmas tree costumes and more...


Jay-Jay, Flynny & Jase belt out a Whitney Houston classic in More FM Jingle Bail karaoke

Do you think this karaoke performance in the More FM Jingle Bail cell did Whitney proud?


Collector Helen shares why fundraising for More FM’s Jingle Bail is close to her heart

She told us her story and family’s connection with Koru Care – and why she’s volunteered her time to help fundraise for these beautiful kids.