More FM's Jingle Bail - Videos

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Wendy surprises us with one generous donation for More FM Jingle Bail

Yesterday we thought we'd received our final total for our More FM Jingle Bail, but our wonderful listeners have come through for one final push!


Jay-Jay & Flynny get the final donation total for More FM Jingle Bail 2019

A week after they were first locked up in the jail cell - what is the final total at?


Flynny becomes live mannequin as punishment for breaking out of More FM Jingle Bail cell

If you break out of the cell, you can guarantee Jailman Jase will found out and there will be strict repercussions.


Jase causes absolute supermarket carnage in 60 seconds

Jase, a man with one trolley and a determination for speed.


Jay-Jay takes karaoke to the next level in the More FM Jingle Bail cell

Pringles, bananas, Christmas tree costumes and more...


Jay-Jay, Flynny & Jase belt out a Whitney Houston classic in More FM Jingle Bail karaoke

Do you think this karaoke performance in the More FM Jingle Bail cell did Whitney proud?


Collector Helen shares why fundraising for More FM’s Jingle Bail is close to her heart

She told us her story and family’s connection with Koru Care – and why she’s volunteered her time to help fundraise for these beautiful kids.


Xander is announced as a Jingle Bail kid after a humbling nomination

Xander has been announced as one of our very deserving Jingle Bail kids.


Jay-Jay, Flynny & Jase cause chaos with a mobility scooter after hours

Looks like these three are just a little overtired!


Emotions run high as Stella is announced as a More FM Jingle Bail kid

Jay-Jay and Flynny have promised to not get out of the More FM Jingle Bail cell until they have raised enough money to get Stella on the plane.


Jay-Jay & Flynny break out of jail to see Santa

There are no other wardens watching us in the cell. Time to see our best mate Santa!


Jail Man Jase reports outside in the wild Wellington weather

Apparently there’s bad weather around New Zealand – not that us inmates are aware at all.


Jail Man Jase investigates the construction noises heard from More FM Jingle Bail

After the inmates had a restless and sleepless night due to all sorts of loud noises, Jail Man Jase has gone to investigate.


Polly joins Jay-Jay and Flynny in the More FM Jingle Bail cell

Polly thought she had better pop down to see how Jay-Jay and Flynny were surviving day 2 in the More FM Jingle Bail cell.


Flynny describes just how he slept on night one in the More FM Jingle Bail cell

Jay-Jay and Flynny got a solid three hours sleep all night...


Jay-Jay & Flynny answer your Q&A questions from More FM Jingle Bail

On their first night in the jail cell, Jay-Jay & Flynny answered all your burning questions you submitted in, as well as a few interesting ones from t


Jay-Jay and Flynny sing ‘Jingle Bells’ in order to add someone into The Hundy Club

These two will do almost anything to get a donation!


Huntar's face lights up as it is announced he's going on More FM Jingle Bail

Congratulations Huntar! We are not leaving our More FM Jingle Bail cell until we raise $100,000!


The More FM Jingle Bail target is revealed!

Santa Jase made a special appearance to surprise Jay-Jay & Flynny and bring them to the jail cell. But what is the More FM Jingle Bail target?


More FM Jingle Bail kid Rory gets the chance to be included in something special

Anna’s youngest of three, Rory, often watches his siblings take part in activities that he can’t join in.


Mum Charlene is moved to tears by Dakota’s ticket to More FM Jingle Bail

Northland mum Charlene has had her daughter’s application for More FM’s Jingle Bail stuck on the fridge for the past couple of weeks


Mum Lianne shares her hopes for Paige to make friends on the More FM Jingle Bail trip


More FM Jingle Bail's Alize & his mum talk about the viral response to their story

Such a touching story!


Jase and Alize meet after emotional Jingle Bail surprise video goes viral

Our own Jase went with The Project NZ to meet Alize in person, and find out more about their story from his loving family.


Jingle Bail kid Alize talks about his viral video and excitement for the Gold Coast

Alize has had a crazy 24 hours since he received the news he was heading on our Gold Coast trip!


11-year-old Alize hears his Jingle Bail surprise live on air

We couldn't help tearing up at Alize's reaction to his Jingle Bail news!


Grandma Vicky shares why Jingle Bail kid Alize is her 'hero'

Not all of our Jingle Bail kids have battled with illness, some are just brilliant and brave children who haven't had the easiest life growing up.


Juan finally gets his own overseas trip with Jingle Bail

Juan isn't the only member of his family with a heart condition, but he shares so much love and care for his family despite his own struggles.


Jingle Bail kid Kiri finds out he's going on the plane to the Gold Coast

Kiri has just gone through his third heart operation, and he's ready to get on a rollercoaster on the Gold Coast!


Casey's mum gets emotional hearing her son's Jingle Bail surprise

We were heartbroken hearing the details of Casey's story - but we're more determined than ever.


Octavier's mum shares what going to the Gold Coast will mean for him

For some kids, a trip to the Gold Coast means more than what you could ever expect.


We surprise our first Jingle Bail Kid for 2019

We gave Lili, a special 10-year-old Blenheim, the first phone call of our Jingle Bail kids.


Jingle Bail kid Kaine shares the highlights he adored on his Gold Coast trip

Last year, Kaine got to travel to the Gold Coast as part of the amazing trip away he had with the other Jingle Bail kids and Koru Care.


Jingle Bail mum Sarah shares how her son's trip helped her whole family

Morgan's mum Sarah gave us a call to share how Morgan's trip was more than a holiday for him.


Flynny almost tears down the set in our Jingle Bail TV ad bloopers

You may have seen our Jingle Bail commercial - but you wouldn't have seen these outtakes!


Flynny asks his burning questions about Jingle Bail

We're back doing Jingle Bail again, and it will be Flynny's first time in the Jingle Bail cell!


Jase, Jay-Jay & Money Man Matt reveal the official FINAL Jingle Bail total

We tallied up the rest of the donations that rolled in over the weekend and are blown away by our final result!


Jase says a not-so-fond farewell to the Frozen Coke Machine neighbour at Jingle Bail

Jase had some words to share as they left the Jingle Bail cell.


Jase & Jay-Jay are set free from Jingle Bail 2018



Jay-Jay Facetimes Jase while they're in the cell

Even though they were just metres from each other, they both felt the need to Facetime.


Jay-Jay goes wild during Jase's Karaoke Night

Jase & Jay-Jay couldn't sleep... so they booted up the karaoke machine instead.


Jay-Jay shaves her hair into a mohawk to raise money for Jingle Bail

The More FM team in Manawatu set Jay-Jay a challenge if she wanted to earn $1000... so she did it!


Jase & Jay-Jay try to use earplugs after McDonald's machine keeps them awake

The earplugs didn't work...


Drax Project go busking in the middle of NorthWest shopping centre

Drax Project were incredible!


Jase wakes Jay-Jay up in middle of night with hilarious camera antics

Looks like Jase needs to get out and get some fresh air...


Drax Project go back to their busking days with Jingle Jam performance

Drax Project went back to their roots!


Drax Project punish Producer Todd for not following through with deal

Jase & Jay-Jay got their friends from the Drax Project to help them punish Producer Todd.


Bosto the boss gets outsmarted by our listeners

It's not every day that Bosto becomes speechless!


Harrison hand delivers his donation to Jingle Bail that he earned busking

Thank you so much Harrison!


Jase breaks into McDonald's after machines keep him up all night (NSFW)

Jase had to take things into his own hands