More FM Jingle Bail - Videos

Check out the videos and highlights from last year's Jingle Bail below:

Jay-Jay & Flynny raise over $120,000 for More FM Jingle Bail

We smashed it!


Jay-Jay & Flynny get the final More FM Jingle Bail total

We can't believe the donations haven't stopped since we were freed from the More FM Jingle Bail cell!


Theo bravely brings photos of his time in hospital into the Jingle Bail cell

Jay-Jay and Flynny won't be leaving the cell until they can get Theo on the aeroplane for an epic trip around NZ!


Jailman Jase steals Christmas decorations for the Jingle Bail cell from Santa's Grotto

At least now the Jingle Bail cell looks more Christmassy!


We put an end to the Peppa Pig Ride

This is for every parent who's always wanted to turn off Peppa Pig!


Stephen from Dunedin and Mall Santa have a Ho-Ho-Ho Off!

It's a Ho-Ho-Ho Off! We put Fanta Santa (aka Stephen from Dunedin) against The Palms mall Santa to see which Santa would stand on top!


Jailman Jase manages to raise $50 for Koru Care in less than 2 minutes

Jailman Jase had to earn his keep since he had the luxury of wandering in and out of the Jingle Bail cell.


ToyWorld surprise us with huge $10,000 donation toward our bail

A huge thanks to ToyWorld!


This year's night-time noise keeping Jay-Jay awake at More FM Jingle Bail

There's always something keeping us awake at the mall...


Big Boss Bosto raises the More FM Jingle Bail target

It's lock up time at The Palms Shopping Centre in Christchurch, and Big Boss Bosto isn't just setting this year's target for More FM Jingle Bail - he'


Flynny gives a More FM Jingle Bail cell tour

Ever wondered what Jay-Jay & Flynny have got in their More FM Jingle Bail cell?


William tears up hearing his More FM Jingle Bail nomination

William had absolutely no idea that he had been nominated for the More FM Jingle Bail trip until he heard his mum's voice on the radio.