Casey's mum gets emotional hearing her son's Jingle Bail surprise

More FM Jingle Bail 21/11/2019

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Today we couldn't help but feel heartbroken hearing Casey's story. But this is why we're more determined than ever to raise enough money so he can go on our Jingle Bail trip.

Read more about Casey below, or find out more about Jingle Bail here.

Casey is 12 years old from Whitianga.

At 12 years old Casey should be thinking about what language he wants to take in High School, or whether he wants to play ten pin bowling or laser tag for his 13th birthday - instead Casey has just undergone his eleventh operation!

Casey’s parents found a cyst the size of a quarter of his brain when he was just 4 years old, from then Caseys life has not been carefree, never going longer than one or two years without running into complications, illness and pain.

This year he was chosen to go to LA to visit Elon Musk’s private school as a school trip.  Shortly before the trip his shunt blocked and he had two urgent operations. His family could no longer get insurance to go to LA and they had to cancel the trip that they had spent a year fundraising for.  

Not only was Casey devastated he couldn't go on the trip he had been looking forward to, he continued to have complications and 6 weeks later he ended up back in hospital having two more operations and missed camp with his class.

Throughout all of Caseys tribulations, when his head feels like it is exploding and after all the disappointments this year, he has stayed strong and resilient. What an amazing end to a horrible year this trip could be for him!