Grandma Vicky shares why Jingle Bail kid Alize is her 'hero'

More FM Jingle Bail 26/11/2019

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Not all of our Jingle Bail kids have battled with illness, some are just brilliant and brave children who haven't had the easiest life growing up. Alize from Christchurch is one of those amazing kids, who does a phenomenal job taking care of his terminally ill younger brother Andre.

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Alize is 11 years old from Christchurch.

Alize is the bravest Big Brother any sibling could ask for.  His 3-year-old brother Andre is terminal, he is a non-resus child. He has quite bad brain damage. He doesn't walk, talk or see. He is totally reliant on his family for all his day to day needs. It's quite stressful at times, especially when he is in hospital.  

Alize has been nominated by his Nana because he has taken on Andre's cares and he treats him like a normal little brother, not letting any of his disabilities get in the way. He puts him on the trampoline for a bounce, he takes him for walks in his wheelchair, he sings to him even sleeping with him if he is unsettled. It's been a very stressful time for the family. Losing Andre's twin was very emotional and Alize was only 7 years old. He wanted to see Ace and hold him, which enabled him to say goodbye. 

Alize is only 11 and in his short life he has experienced loss and grief. But the positive is that he has had time with his little brother to make memories that he will hold with him forever.

We don’t know how long we have Andre with us for, it could only be months. 

Alize deserves some time out just for him and his family would love to see him enjoying a trip of a lifetime so he can come home and tell his little brother and sister all about it. 

Alize is a special kid, one of a kind. He wants to be a policeman when he is older, and  nothing will stop this kid as he really has heart and compassion well beyond his 11 years.