Juan finally gets his own overseas trip with Jingle Bail

More FM Jingle Bail 25/11/2019

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Juan isn't the only member of his family with a heart condition, but he shares so much love and care for his family despite his own struggles.

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Juan is 9 years old from Auckland.

It’s heartbreaking for anyone to find out that their loved one has a chronic illness, for Juan’s family they found out that both their children's lives would change forever, all within a week. 

Diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, Juan’s sister needed a new heart immediately, and within days of surgery Juan found out that he was also to suffer the same fate. Developing at a slower pace, Juan was luckier than his sister - contracting a less invasive form of Cardiomyopathy. 

Despite being told that this could change at any point, Juan has remand the strong, brave and selfless big brother his sister always needed. Taking every day, and hospital visit as it comes, Juan would love the opportunity to experience the same adventure his sister joined Koru Care on in 2018.