Mum Charlene is moved to tears by Dakota’s ticket to More FM Jingle Bail

Jay-Jay & Flynny 02/12/2019

Northland mum Charlene has had her daughter’s application for More FM’s Jingle Bail stuck on the fridge for the past couple of weeks, and her daughter Dakota has been waiting patiently to hear if she’s got a ticket to the Gold Coast. And today, we finally gave her family a call.

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Dakota is 11 years old from Northland.

Dakota was born with no hip socket so from a young age she has had many operations.  She gets x-rays to keep an eye on it. She was diagnosed just before her second birthday with coeliacs so there was so much to learn about the condition but she does really well dealing with it but feels she misses out all the time and it is hard for the family to watch.  Then came the diagnosis of mild ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) which affects her social skills.  

Dakota is the oldest of four (soon to be 5) siblings so she has a lot to deal with.  She has been pushed aside, not on purpose as her next sibling down has some behavioral issues and Dakota quite often becomes the target of his anger.  Dakota is very bubbly, caring and loves to be around people. She would love to experience something like this trip as she can not do extra things after school as the family budget does not allow it as much is used for her brothers care.