Mum Lianne shares her hopes for Paige to make friends on the More FM Jingle Bail trip

More FM Jingle Bail 02/12/2019

Paige is a beautiful 12-year-old girl who has to struggle with epilepsy every day. Unfortunately, it's meant that Paige has struggled to build any close friendships, but mum has a hope that maybe sending her to the Gold Coast with More FM Jingle Bail could be the place to build life-long friendships.

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Paige is 12 years old from Whangarei.

Paige is a beautiful 12 year old girl who has epilepsy and autism. She had epilepsy since 4 months old and diagnosed autistic at the age of 4 years old.

It breaks her family's heart that she battles with the issues and because of these, it affects her in so many ways, like being included in groups of friends, group activities etc.

With Paige heading to intermediate school next year, this will be a huge change to her which has caused her a lot of anxiety. Her family wanted to nominate her so she knows she is special to be chosen as part of a group.