We surprise our first Jingle Bail Kid for 2019

More FM Jingle Bail 18/11/2019

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We're so excited to announce our first kid who's got a seat on our Jingle Bail trip!

Liliarnah is 10 years old from Blenheim.

Lili has known no life without arthritis. Diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis before she turned 2, it affects her knees, ankles, eyes and jaw. With medication to help manage the pain, throughout the years she has become a strong, independent young girl who has a heart of gold.

She is described as someone who puts others before herself, always looking after her younger sisters or playing with some animal/bug/plant that she has discovered somewhere. Even though she has JIA it has not stopped her zest for life, her want to discover adventures and her love to make new friends.

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