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More FM Jingle Bail

Jase, Jay-Jay & Money Man Matt reveal the official FINAL Jingle Bail total

We tallied up the rest of the donations that rolled in over the weekend and are blown away by our final result!


Jase says a not-so-fond farewell to the Frozen Coke Machine neighbour at Jingle Bail

Jase had some words to share as they left the Jingle Bail cell.


Jay-Jay Facetimes Jase while they're in the cell

Even though they were just metres from each other, they both felt the need to Facetime.


Jay-Jay goes wild during Jase's Karaoke Night

Jase & Jay-Jay couldn't sleep... so they booted up the karaoke machine instead.


Jay-Jay shaves her hair into a mohawk to raise money for Jingle Bail

The More FM team in Manawatu set Jay-Jay a challenge if she wanted to earn $1000... so she did it!


Jase & Jay-Jay try to use earplugs after McDonald's machine keeps them awake

The earplugs didn't work...


Drax Project go busking in the middle of NorthWest shopping centre

Drax Project were incredible!


Jase wakes Jay-Jay up in middle of night with hilarious camera antics

Looks like Jase needs to get out and get some fresh air...


Drax Project go back to their busking days with Jingle Jam performance

Drax Project went back to their roots!


Drax Project punish Producer Todd for not following through with deal

Jase & Jay-Jay got their friends from the Drax Project to help them punish Producer Todd.


Bosto the boss gets outsmarted by our listeners

It's not every day that Bosto becomes speechless!


Harrison hand delivers his donation to Jingle Bail that he earned busking

Thank you so much Harrison!


Jase breaks into McDonald's after machines keep him up all night (NSFW)

Jase had to take things into his own hands


Jay-Jay makes a mess in the Countdown 60 Second Grocery Grab

Jay-Jay was ready to race around the store - but how much can she actually grab?


Producer Todd escapes the cell while Jase & Jay-Jay sleep

In the dead of the night, while Jase & Jay-Jay slept, Producer Todd snuck out of the jail cell.


Jase & Jay-Jay get pelted for Jingle Bail in the Zuru Toy Challenge

They’re putting their bodies on the line!


Yvette shares how sending her son Nathaniel overseas was a “trip of two lifetimes”

One of Koru Care’s volunteer bucket collectors got to send her son overseas for a trip that would change his life.


Suzy Cato “Sprinkles a Little Sunshine” in the Jingle Bail cell

Another Jingle Jam brought smiles and sunshine into our cell.


Do Suzy Cato and Jason Gunn have Kiwi children's TV presenter “beef”?

Jay-Jay is searching for the beef!


Jase tells emotional story about a past Jingle Bail kid that stole his heart

Grab the tissues.


Jay-Jay tries to sabbotage Jase's PT session with McDonald's

Jay-Jay had other ideas when Jase started his pT sesh early this morning...


Jase shows off his 'sexy' new night-time wear

Something just a bit sexy for the late-night live-stream...


Jase thinks Jay-Jay looks like Pink, tries to convince everyone she does

What do you think - is Jase right?


Jase & Jay-Jay answer your burning questions

All the questions you've ever wanted to know, in one video!


Mitch James gives his first ever prison performance of 'Move On'

Check out his exclusive live-stream performance of 'Move On'.


Mitch James performs '21' for our first ever Jingle Jam

Kiwi singer Mitch James had the pleasure (or punishment) to be the first guest to perform in our Jingle Bail cell.


Jase's wife comes to visit Jase, brings him homemade cookies

You're a lucky man, Jase!


Mitch James gets locked in the cell to talk to Jase & Jay-Jay

Our very first Jingle Jammer!


Jase & Jay-Jay get a Jail Baby

Meet our jail baby Eva!


Jess Quinn does a cell tour of Jase & Jay-Jay's jail cell

Dancing With The Star's NZ's Jess Quinn stopped by Jase & Jay-Jay's jail cell.


Jingle Bail Confessions: Jay-Jay’s overnight struggles

First night sleeping in the Jingle Bail cell and a sleepless night has started taking its toll…


Jase tries to convince Jay-Jay to sing Christmas carols

Jay-Jay swears she can’t sing but Jase reckons there’s a beautiful voice under it all.


Air NZ make massive announcement to help Jase & Jay-Jay reach their bail

Thank you so much Air New Zealand!


Jay-Jay reveals the creepy thing she did to Jase as he slept

Jase was a little creeped out by this...


Jase & Jay-Jay get arrested by the NZ Police for Jingle Bail

Jase & Jay-Jay's last few minutes of freedom were crushed when the NZ Police turned up to lock them up.


Karien's mum reveals her life-changing diagnosis

This past year has been massive for Karien and her family.


Janae's mum gets emotional when Jase & Jay-Jay tell her Janae is going on Jingle Bail

Janae has only recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and has had to have a whole overhaul of her life.


Kaine is announced as the newest nominee for More FM's Jingle Bail

Kaine has a massive personality and is excited that Jase & Jay-Jay are raising money for him to go a More FM Jingle Bail trip to the Gold Coast.


Why the Jingle Bail trip changes a kid's life

Lila shares how her Jingle Bail trip was one of the highlights of her life.


Jase & Jay-Jay tell Emma's mum that Emma is going on #MoreJingleBail

Emma is our forth kid coming with us on our More FM Jingle Bail trip.


Morgan from Blenheim is Jase & Jay-Jay's third Jingle Bail nominee

Morgan has recently been told he has a skeletal dysplasia that affects his back, knees, hips, elbows and height.


9 year old Barclay announced as Jase & Jay-Jay's second Jingle Bail kid

Barclay went into remission in April this year, and is so excited for the opportunity to head overseas with Jase & Jay-Jay's Jingle Bail.


Jase & Jay-Jay announce their first Jingle Bail nominee

Lucy is thirteen, and by the age of 4 she had already gone through a lot more than most people do in their lifetime.


Tayler from MAFS reflects on his Jingle Bail trip and why you should donate

Tayler experience Jingle Bail back in 2000, and now he is sharing why you should donate to give Kiwi kids this opportunity.