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Jase & Jay-Jay are raising their bail money for these Kiwi kids who we want to send on a life-changing trip to the Gold Coast - but only with your donations can we help make this happen!

Nominations for Jingle Bail are still open. Just fill out this form.

Lucy is 13 years old from Gisborne.

She was born with a major cardiac condition. Her family were given the option of taking her home to pass naturally or undergo 3 triple bypass surgeries before the age of 4. It was a no brainer and her first surgery was at 5 days old.

She's now 13 and has a big sense of adventure. She loves horseriding, surfing and played Rep Soccer!

Barclay is 9 years old from Whangarei

He was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 5 years old. He missed a year of school and went through a lot over the next three years.

Fortunately, he has been in remission since April this year.

Morgan is 14 years old from Blenheim

Morgan suffers from skeletal displaysia that affects his back, knees, hips, elbows and height.  Morgan is to undergo a replacement of both hips and an operation to remove loose fragments of bone from his elbows. 

In the meantime Morgan has given up all team sports and lives in constant pain, but still remains positive and sets himself great goals.

Emma is 12 years old from Nelson

Emma was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 6. Another was found on her spine when she was 8, and just recently, another tumour has been growing on her brain.

Her future is uncertain so her parents want her to live her life to the fullest while she can.

Kaine is 10 years old from Whangarei

He has a very rare form of Dwarfism.

When he was 3 he was critically injured at Daycare resulting in permanent disability. He has had multiple surgeries on his spine and has spent a lot of time in hospital.

Janae is 11 years old from Kaitaia

Janae has recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It has been a huge shock.

Janae is quite shy and her family thinks this trip will help her confidence and allow her to make new friends

Karien is 10 years old from Lower Hutt

Last year doctors found 3 tumours in her shin. They removed her Tibia bone and replaced it with a donor bone which was rejected by her body. They then had to remove her tibia from her good leg and use it to reconstruct a bone for her other leg. She has recently learnt to walk again.

Addison Duckett is 8 years old from Featherston.

Addison has had a lot to deal with emotionally for her young life. Her mum has been in and out of hospital over the years, leaving Addi with other carers and worried about her mum. She had help from Child and Mental Health services after suffering trauma from the big earthquake. She lost a close family friend to Cancer and recently lost her cousin to suicide.

She loves going on adventures and her mum knows this trip will be really good for her.

Eva is 11yrs of Otautau, Southland.

Eva has had numerous pain and operations on her hips as the result of a fall last year.

A year on, 5 surgeries later and 6 weeks in a full body cast, Eva is doing well but uses a wheelchair or crutches to get around. There are probably more operations to come, with prosthetic hips likely.

Dvontae is 11 years old from Tokoroa

Dvontae is a haemophiliac and has spent more time in hospital than out. He has died twice!

He injects himself daily and is in regular pain. His condition is life threatening but he has the most positive attitude and tries to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Luca is 14 years old of KeriKeri.

Luca has had over 10 operations to fix his cleft palate. He has had significant problems with his surgeries and is due for another bone graft from his hip to his gum. On top of this, he has been separated from his eldest sister, who has Cerebral Palsy, while she had major hip surgery, and has also coped with his mother’s breast cancer treatment 4 years ago.

Ekkam is 7 years old of Te Kauwhata.

Ekkam is the oldest of 3 children. He is not sick but has faced life changing traumatic events in the last 2 years. His baby brother Kayden was born prematurely and has chronic lung disease along with other long-term issues. Ekkam has spent a lot of time in hospital with his brother. His younger sister Emily died unexpectedly just a few weeks ago. Ekkam has been through so much that a trip like this would lift his spirits immensely.