More FM's Snack-Raiser


Did you know that in New Zealand, 1 in 5 children don’t have access to enough food? And without food, concentration is compromised, which means learning is compromised, which means their future is compromised. And that’s not really fair, is it?

Eat Up New Zealand are a registered charity based right here in Manawatu and they’re committed to ensuring Kiwi kids have enough food to keep them fuelled throughout the day. They make a huge difference by delivering tasty sandwiches and lunch snacks to schools for children who need it.

All this week, we’re asking you to donate non-perishable breakfast food and lunch box snack items such as cereal, oats, spreads, milo or hotchocolate, muesli bars, raisin boxes, crackers and other snack packs with a long shelf life.

Set up a donation box at YOUR workplace, download our collection point poster to display on your box HERE and let us know, then on Friday, our More FM team will come and collect it before taking it straight to Eat Up! 

Or if you’d like to drop off your donations at our More FM offices, we’ll have a collection box set up just outside our front door. 

Let’s help give Kiwi kids a great start in life with a decent lunch with Eat Up New Zealand and 92.2 More FM.