Taranaki Rescue Helicopter - 12 Hour Of Airtime

Taranaki 10/05/2022

The Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter is a pivotal part of our community here to provide a service to us all that putting it bluntly will save our lives. From rescues to transport services, the men and women who crew the helicopter are heros of our community.

So Ken, Anna and Ezra from More FM Taranaki will be holding another 12 hours show , in which our hosts are locked in the studio to raise funds for the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter. Our More FM team have some big plans for the day, with a goal of bettering the $80,000 they raised in last year's 12 Hour show. The 12 hours of airtime will take place on Friday 27th of May from 6am-6pm.

Taranaki is a natural playground – peaks, rivers and ocean – all providing major hurdles for emergency services when an accident occurs. TCRH pride itselves on working collaboratively with other rescue services to reduce lives lost in the community. The rapid response is powered by an expert crew of pilots, crewmen and paramedics. In a life and death situation it is the speed, agility and expertise that can make all the difference with patients able to receive medical treatment whilst enroute to a medical facility.

“Our dedicated, free-of-charge service is ready to serve you, your family and your community – today and in the future.”

We want to make sure that when they mean the future, we as a community continue to play our part in making sure that happens and our 12 Hours of Airtime is dedicated to help support the amazing work needed for our community. We all may know someone that has needed the services of the Rescue Helicopter, or even yourself. We have a community obligation to show our support so that the time we need it it is there for us all.

All donations for the 12 Hours of Airtime Fundraiser will be directed via a dedicated Givealittle page to donate online.


WIN SOME WORKDAY with Ezra and Darcy thanks to Walsh Auto Services

In the lead up to locking Ken & Anna in the studio on Friday 27th of May, listeners can text WORK and their bid to 559 to get either Ezra or Darcy for a full 1 hour of work from the boys. Ezra and Darcy will be sent out to a maximum of 4 businesses (2 hours each) in Taranaki who need an hour or 2 of help with every dollar raised going to Give a Little Page. 

Pancake Breakfast

On the day of 12 hours of airtime, we’ll be partnering with … for a Pancake Breakfast! From 7:30-9am on Friday 27th of May we’ll have a caravan parked up outside the More FM office in New Plymouth for locals to come down and grab some pancakes for breakfast for a donation. These donations go straight to Taranaki Rescue Helicopter.  

HANG AT THE HANGAR with Ken and Anna thanks to Hughsons and Associates


In the lead up to locking Ken & Anna in the studio on Friday 27th of May, listeners can text HANGAR and their bid to 559. The 10 highest bids will be joining Ken and Anna to have lunch out at the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Hangar, catered by Smok'n Comrades along with bringing a +1 to meet everyone associated with the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter with every dollar raised going to Give a Little Page. 


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