Lindsay Lohan Denies Drinking Again Despite Photo

Actress Lindsay Lohan says a photo taken of her reaching for a bottle of wine was 'set up' to make it look like she has broken her sobriety.
The 27-year-old who has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction in the past, was snapped by paparazzi inside a friend's house in the Hollywood Hills, appearing to reach for a half-full bottle of red wine.
But Lohan's people have said that she was actually trying to grab her purse and cell phone which was on the same counter, and that the 'photo angle was set up' to make it look like she was reaching for the wine.
Lohan is also adamant she is still in control over her alcohol problem, telling friends she faithfully attends multiple AA meetings per week, continues to go to therapy following her check out from rehab, and is confident enough to let go of her sober coach to handle it on her own. 
See photo below: