Dad humiliates son online to punish him for bullying schoolmates

When dad Timothy Robenhorst learned his son Kayden had been bullying a classmate, he made sure that his son received a serious punishment. Kayden was made to apologise to the victim in front of his class, made to wake up at 4.30am every morning to complete a tough exercise regime, and to help with gardening tasks around the house.
But while those punishments were quite physical, Timothy also punished him in another way  - with a punishment that has gone viral across Facebook.
Kayden was forced to pose for a photo (which was made to become his Facebook profile and cover image), and stand in front of a sign that condemns his actions.
The embarrassing photo came with another message written by his dad;
This is what happens when dad [finds] out you are being a bully at school. My golden rule is you dont start fights or touch anyone unless they lay hands on you first. Feel free to tell kayden how wrong it is to be a bully or share stories to help him understand the effects of these actions on the [victims]. DO NOT ATTACK MY SON THIS IS TO BE A POSITIVE ACTION NOT NEGITIVE. *******PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS AS WELL TO HELP STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING OTHER PLACES AS WELL! THANK YOU!
See the photo below: