Christchurch Police Station Implosion to be Streamed Live On Youtube


The Central Police Station in Christchurch to be demolished using explosives this weekend.

The 13-storey building is owned by Ngai Tahu and will be only the second building to be blown up.

For 40 years it was the headquarters for police in Christchurch. Now the former cop shop will be filled with explosives and brought down in a controlled demolition.

Built in 1973, the 50m-tall building was the 11th-highest in the city before the Christchurch earthquakes. Now it's the fifth.

The implosion will take place at 5pm on the backup day of Sunday 31 May. 

You can watch the implosion during a live stream on youtube here.

The building was originally to be blown up on Saturday but was delayed due to machinery breakdown.