Blanket Jackson forced to change his name because of bullies

Blanket Jackson is no more.
Michael Jackson‘s youngest son, recently decided to start going by another name after years of painful bullying.
Born Michael Jackson Jr, Blanket changed his name informally from Blanket to Bigi because he hated getting bullied and made fun of his name.
“He always thought that the name Blanket sounded so stupid and resented his father for calling him that,” an insider told Radar Online.
“Growing up, his school mates have always been slightly mean to him because of their jealousy over who he is and going by Blanket made him a much easier target for ridicule.”
Blanket, along with his siblings Paris, 17, and Prince, 18, lives with his co-guardians,Katherine,85, and cousin Tito, 36, in California.
[Photo: AAP]