Shocking footage of police chase recorded in escapee's car goes viral

Footage of a group of young girls filming their car chase with New Zealand police has gone viral.
The shocking video shows a young girl filming from the backseat of the car being chased by police, as the passengers shout abuse and pull the middle finger.
And even as one passenger behind tells the driver to "slow down" as the police sirens blare, the car only goes faster as they push their horn.
The video has received more than 60 thousand views, and many comments from New Zealanders who are "disgusted by their actions."
"Losers man. Parents should be able to wollop their backsides. See how fun they think it is after that. This is what's wrong with the new generation. They think they can do whatever they want. The have no respect and morals. pathetic."
Watch the footage of the car chase below. Warning, footage contains coarse language

Looks like little kids taking the parents car for a spin. Only in NZ? Aww gummon!.

Posted by DJ Wiz NZ on Sunday, 28 June 2015