This is what that mini pocket in your jeans is really for...

Have you ever noticed that tiny pocket that sits in the front pocket of your jeans?
It's pretty small, it could fit some coins in it but getting those coins out would be a challenge.
One curious internet user asked the web what exactly it was for and she got a response almost immediately:
The pocket appeared on the very first pair of Levi’s back in 1873. According to the Levi website, it was “originally included as protection for pocket watches, thus the name.”
It was worked into the design to protect cowboys’ pocket watches from falling out of their pants as they rode around on horses or worked on their ranches. Wearing it on a chain around their neck would cause it to easily tangle or break.
So why hasn't Levi's altered their design? “This extra pouch has served many functions, evident in its many titles: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket and ticket pocket, to name a few. Not only is the pocket extremely useful for holding tiny trinkets, it is also is loved by denim heads for the faded and worn nature it takes on over time.” 
Even though cowboys are still around, pocketwatches largely fell out of style halfway through World War 1, when soldiers needed a quick and accessible way to tell time. Digging around in their pockets for a watch just wasn’t practical, and thus the wristwatch was born.