Kiwi drivers to be fined $150 for not buckling up pets

A new rule being enforced from today could find pet owners getting slapped for not securing their pets in the car.
The law will see owners receive an instant $150 fine if they fail to buckle up their animals while in a moving vehicle.
The fine will also increase for high-speed areas, up to a maximum of $800.
The restrictions of pets roaming free come from the growing number of distracted drivers trying to control their pets in their laps while on the road.
Police have also said it was "logical" to have pets secured in cars, like any other passenger.
"Pets can either be strapped down with a seat belt like people, or they can be securely buckled in special pet-made seats," Police Constable Simon McCormick said.
Alternatively pets can be kept in pet carriers while in transit, but was still suggested to be "safely belted" to the car.
[Photo: Pixabay] 
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